It is said to be best served cold.

It grows in your soul incripting like mold.

Such a sinister idea, an evil from the inside.

From the dawn of time to present day.

It infects everyone of us worldwide.

It keeps our innocents at bay.

What a dark feeling bulding up.

But has it any good?

Does it feels good?

Can we learn to love instead.

To forgive, to forget

Where has our own demons lead.

We play a game of out own roulette.

This emotion of revenge.

An angery god out to avenge.

Repent the very chaos one is to be consumed by.

Never should we live eye for an eye.

For those whom seek revenge turn the wheel of hate.

But we control our destinies, we control our fate.

From the words from a wise priest

Praying to lives of the decreased.

he recites the words forgive and forget

for these men had a future that was never met.



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