Standing on the Rock

Shout for joy to the Lord, and worship gladly;
Come before Him with joyful songs, asserted grandly;
We belong to Him, He made us, pasture of the majesty;
Enter his gates with thanksgiving, fervent and radically.
Show out in his courts praisin’, and lift His name;
For the Lord is always good, He should get the fame;
His love endures forever, faithfulness is made;
And every generation will spit His fame.
Shout out to a righteous king, my ancestor David;
God gave Him favor, and yes, he claimed it;
Show that Adonai is the best and amazin’;
And when the ragin’ fire’s in yo chest, can’t tame it.
Now let’s talk about my main man, Yeshua;
Jesus, you’re the greatest, holy, yes you are;
Sacrificed yourself, overcame death and scars;
And we can go to heaven if we confess who you are.
No truth is sweeter, no fact is higher;
I’ve been dodgin’ Satan, gettin’ past the liar;
Tryna tell me there’s no hope, stab your side bruh;
But I ain’t out for the count, I’m back to fight bruh.
I hit him with John 14:14, He starts to scramble;
Then Galatians 5:22, his smarts are in shambles;
When I haymaker Psalm 10, hard and wrathful;
He cowers in fear, the hour is near, and he departs so fast bro.
Haters can’t stand me, ‘cause I’m covered by the blood;
Of the one risen son, and His lovin’ colors us;
I’m redeemed and forgiven, not because of what I’ve done;
But because He so loved the world, He gave his one and only son.
Tell me, were you there, when they crucified mah Lord?;
When I think about His grace, it electrify me more;
I will serve Him ‘til I die, vivify the ignored;
Bring compassion to His kingdom, ‘til it multiply the score.
I’ll suffer for His name, under lots of pain;
It’ll cover all the shame, it’ll smother all the blame;
Let Him thunder to sustain, and then bust all of our chains;
Got the mustard seed faith, ‘cause of the wonders He makes.
The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience;
Kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control;
I know that nothin’ rings truer, Jesus is our help to mold;
His people delivered from evil, when our health just folds;
Yahweh, don’t forsake me, don’t leave me lonely;
When I’m down inside the valley, He’s the only;
Who can make me feel alright again, He be holy;
He makes sure there’s food for the needy, homie.
To give you a simile, you’ll be just like a centipede;
Without the Christ, you’re just a tenth of speed;
I don’t want to lessen me, please teach me a lesson, G;
Before I get wrecked and scream, it’ll be the death of me.
But with Christ, I have hope that I’ll elevate;
Way above the clouds, like I can levitate;
Don’t leviathan me, ‘cause I just can’t relate;
Standin’ on His rock, see me when it never breaks.

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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