is this all a dream?

or is it all real?

are our lives a mirage?

perhaps, we were created for fun


are we placed on this board game

to do nothing

but be shot down

by the aspects of life?


were we made by this great God for a purpose?


perhaps, we are circus animals

for a crowd that is obscured

as we shed tears




is there someone else

besides these great Gods up above?


this game master makes the selection

of who is to die aged

who is to suffer

the rages of our Earth

or who is to suffer

because of human desires


does this game master decide all of this?

does he laugh with the devil

as we pray for answers?


are all our emotions

just a part of the show?

are we the main acts?


no science or religion

can prove what theories are facts

papers of legends

have swirled the sands of time

yet, it is our choice to believe

which legends are true


some have chosen

to love the man who was crucified

some have chosen

to look at his father instead

while others have chosen

to stay maverick

and not worship

a supreme power


does the game master who created us

laugh as we change on our own?

he probably throws his head back

and cackles hard

as we make this game

more of a test

or as we choose to evolve

in rather unorthodox ways


or what if he pities us?

he may shake his head

with a tsk tsk

as we change our laws of society

and let ourselves devolve

all because of greed


who knows, he may even frown

in disapproval

as he watches us

let our world crumble

and slip through our fingers


what do I know, it might be a she!


are we the major roles

in a bizarre experiment?

are any of us truly awake?


even I do not know

at seventeen years of age

no one may know

if they were a hundred


this poem is not propaganda

against the Father

Son, and Holy Spirit,

or against

the great Buddha


I am still youthful

and my mind still wonders

if this is all real

or just an infinite





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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