The Epitome of a Human Being


United States
37° 34' 49.2996" N, 77° 29' 14.658" W

My conclusion, revolution, only solution
Government pollution, prostitution, no given restiution
Conisistent years of slavery, soliders die from bravery
Veterans don't get the respect for what they get paid to see
This life ain't made for me, hate the sh*t goin on lately
Natural disaster, the pastor prayin, ain't savin me
In a Godless world, our society, always sinnin
The true heros on Earth get portrayed as the Villians
While the hypocracy in power continue senseless killings
I wanna change the world cuz I can't change how I'm feelin
People look at me funny, that's funny, cuz I'm spittin the truth
They listen to fakes & phonies and follow everything they do
Like twitter, I figured, if you repeat a lie they believe it
So turn off the TV & radio and question what you're reading & hearing
2012 may be the day we see our savior Jesus
Standin next to Muhammad, Buddah, & Moses from Egypt
Lookin at our faces inhalin the same air we breathe in
So why haven't we all made a change that we believe in
Cuz we all fall into the hype, the epitome of a human being


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