Multiple Universes or Just One?

How many universes are there?

Few? Several? Many? What is the exact number?

Nobody knows, but one is the safe answer.

The cosmos is a large and mysterious place,

Filled with untold and undiscovered elements,

With a small portion learned by humankind.

Multiple cosmoses are interesting, but only one exists,

The one created by a perfect eternal Being,

Who is the Creator and the Sovereign Ruler.

With this in mind, creation excludes the rolling of the dice.

Most fictional universes are uninhabitable,

But one is real and is suitable for life.

Clouds of doubt surround the conjecture,

The quest for truth is never ending, considering the grand scheme of things,

In life itself.

Multiple universes? There is only one universe, and I am comfortable with living in it.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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