I'm living high on Paradise

Where nobody cheats, and nobody lies

I'm blessed to walk on streets of gold

I'm doomed to walk these streets alone




By thoughts of when I cease to be

And All I see is eternal sleep for me

To sleep, leaves perchance to dream

Perhaps I’ll see reality split at the seams


Well, this is it, my last breath

I want the world to know I did my very best

Did I pass the test?

I’m just a lost lonely boy from the midwest


Who hesitates to procreate

and leave this fate

When I leave this place

And tell my kids to chase


This impossible dream

More plausible it seems

Life is a nightmare

Mines a Night terror


Doesn’t it scare you

No one stopped to beware you

To warn you before they let you through life’s door

Telling you to fight without telling you what for


False promises of an afterlife with riches

Or a big ass mansion with 72 bitches

And then what?

We just hang out forever?

Sometimes I think that darkness sounds better

So why, should I keep on going?

When there’s only one way of actually knowing

And everyone claims of actually showing

Well they fucked our heads, as we were slowly growing


Since the day that we were born

We’ve heard the horn

of another crazy man

with a book in his hand


Guaranteeing a glorious, promised land


Whether it’s Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or Horace

Everyone claims to know the source of the voice

Fuck that, this is my Voice

This is my choice

This is my noise

Had a bad habit, thinking life is a joke

I used to wreak havoc, then relax and smoke

But I’ve come to realize, I only live once

We can’t waste this time capped like a dunce

 There's no such thing as a ParadiseI'm sorry, everybody cheats, everybody liesWe may never see streets of goldBut we don't have to walk streets alone


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