The Blinded Siren


On words alone, you taste faith.

On belief alone, you see the ageless.

On lie alone, you feel nothing real.

On truth alone, you hear a song.

On visions alone, you are the fake seer.

And with nothing there is pain.


Within that shell of your pain,

You use those words of empty faith

To convince the one called seer

Of the only fabrication you believe is ageless.

The hollow sounds make your song

Feel ever so deadly and real.


You block out the noise that is real,

 For something that evokes shameless pain.

Bite your tongue for the end of the song,

Because it echoes your unnatural faith.

It makes you love the ageless

And you have become that fake seer.


Only your white lies, blind seer

Seem to be so very real.

The god, the lie, the ageless,

He brings you nothing but pain.

So you bite down on your faith,

And you sing your vexing song.


You serenade all with your  beautiful song.

If only you weren't a broken seer,

Who spits out that blackened faith.

You are the one who is real,

Not the cuts above the pain.

Cuts that seem to feed the ageless.


But I hate the divine ageless,

So end your endless siren song.

It only seems to bring pain

On the only one I see, Seer.

Your life has to be real.

You shape your own faith.


Break those binding shackles blind seer,

To sing me a lovely song.

Feel your own life and faith.


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