A man...


The sound of another gun shot. 

Breaking news!

Another murder.

Seek shelter!

Another flood. 

What is this? 

It is a mad world,

but also a bad one. 

I am scared to raise children,

I am scared to travel,

I am scared. 

I am in fear of what will happen tomorrow,

For I am told do not worry about tomorrow.

But how?

How do I not worry about what will happen tomorrow when today was scary.

I was walking,

I saw  a little girl,

she looked scared,

I asked whats wrong

she told me not to worry, she told me that I am protected by the blood of Jesus.


Whos that, in a world that shuns him, in a world that puts people that belive in him on blast.

I turn on the news christains are being exiled,

how is someone who is letting his people be exiled

how is that suppose to protect me.

His blood? What? 

So many questions,

I know my fear of this world,

but Jesus how am I suppose to find security in him?

I mean I do belive in something,

But I look up in the sky and ask God where are you?

Why are the people in the slums?

I realize...

I can not blame God for the problem,

I can not turn my back on him,

I need to rise above.

We were promised a savior it took 700 years...

It has been 7000 but it is happening..

the end times are near. 


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Our world
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