Is There a Place for Me with You?

Dear Allah,

This is Your masterpiece of wonder,

Who at only six years old

Could speak and direct the world,

Be it real or virtual.

You’ve given me prestige and rank

And boundless possible accrual,

Such that my privilege around me curls

And even my bones are made of gold.

I am as grand as the sound of thunder,

But it is You I wish to ponder.


Dear Allah,

This is Your beautiful creation,

The one You’ve granted the greatest share,

From the weakest to the mightiest,

And the grasses to the trees.

Yet You’ve left for me a guidance

That they know instinctively.

I thought I was the highest,

But how can I compare,

To beings who worship sans cessation,

When I’m a fool at my station

Mistaking right with wrong direction?


Ya Allah,

This is your Frankenstein.

My pieces vary in their nature,

Faulty intricacies and all.

I have been seeking knowledge

From the beautiful Qur’an.

I did not need to go to college

To attain Heaven’s wherewithal

Because your words hold truth, that I denature

With every movie and valentine,

With every moment I leave behind,

By which my essence is defined.

By which my essence is defined...


Ya Allah,

This is Your desperate servant,

Your indebted slave and seeker,

Calling for Your Forgiveness,

Upon Your Mercy which gives me being,

Upon Your Compassion which gives me freedom.


Ya Allah,

Commander All-Seeing,

Witnessing my struggle in your Bigness,

Will you make my niyyah and path clear?

And will you take me a Muslim, observant?


I’ve left behind my previous way

And hope that I’ve not gone astray.

I sprint to the kingdom of Paradise,

Where I can one day live and stay.


Ya Allah,

I beg of you,

Is there a place for me with you?


Seeking siraat al-mustaqeem,

Mister Syed Zane Kaleem

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