The Foolish Prayer

Oh Life, give me God!

Oh God, give me life!

And whatever else your capable of

from high up above.


The God who made the notion of love.

The God who turned a plain white bird

into a beautiful, innocent dove.

Oh, Yes! God from high up above!


I want your flooding love and joy

to get through this precarious journey

and not the strength of your right

for it has become too painful.

Don’t think me selfish for I'll spread the love

To all, God from high up above.


I beg you to answer to my wish!

For I am your faithful follower.

I'll give everything for your love:

The shoes, shirts, and lint in my heavy pockets.


Oh God, give me a life,

make my face burst into flames

while my eyes roll upward until they’re

as white as eggs. 


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