I was named after an ocean grace

But I have been drowning in my own outrage.


I am being eaten alive by life

as my thoughts squirm down my neck.

My prayers tickling my tongue as my soul quivers

Impurity that depression drags in

While anxiety waits to be baptized

I wonder how many times I wanted to be saved but got strangled instead.


I am the one who breaks her knees beneath stress

I am breathless

I understand that I am not alone

Wondering if Angels say the same.

I feel like I have raised my hands to heavens love so many times

I am what is left after God has glazed grace.

Drowning in my own ocean of prayers

It feels like forever since I breathlessly casted out my worries away.


I’ve outlined my pain and I dance on it.

The void which I mend only to purify the ocean.

With God’s grace I dive with security.

He is part of my soul.

I will be saved.

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