The Light Meets The Night


The Child of Darkness

The Child of The Night

Searching though Darkness

Searching through The Night


Hunting for Brightness

Hunting for The Light

Reaching for Brightness

Reaching for The Light


The Flash in Darkness

The Flash in The Night

Twinkling in Darkness

Twinkling in The Night


The Flash of Brightness

The Flash of The Light

Vanish did Brightness

Vanish did The Light


The Child of Darkness

The Child of The Night

Hoping through Darkness

Hoping through The Night


Looking for Brightness

Looking for The Light

Wishing for Brightness

Wishing for The Light


The Shine in Darkness

The Shine in the Night

Splitting up Darkness

Splitting up the Night


The Shine of Brightness

The Shine of The Light

Flaring is Brightness

Flaring is The Light


The Child of Darkness

The Child of The Night

Pushing through Darkness

Pushing through The Night


Embracing Brightness

Embracing The Light

Caressing Brightness

Caressing The Light


Ireful is Darkness

Ireful is The Night

Pulling did Darkness

Pulling did The Night


Enraged is Brightness

Enraged is The Light

War declared Brightness

War declared The Light


Frightened is Darkness

Frightened is The Night

Retreat did Darkness

Retreat did The Night


The Child of Brightness

The Child of The Light

Cuddling Brightness

Cuddling The Light


Vengeful is Darkness

Fury is The Night

Raging in The Wild

Incensed in its Shrine


Triumph is Brightness

Justice is The Light

Fighting for The Child

Declaring you're Mine


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