It is finished

Dear God,

I heard you're up there

But I don't know you like I should, cuz it’s felt like you’re not here.

And now you’re showing me what love's supposed to be,

And now I make no sense to me.

Anger, frustration, I’m anchored to temptation,

Yet your love through her love can loose my enslavement.


She’s committed to be my convoy in this crazy cosmos.

It’s so twisted and I know the truth but it’s twisted me too.

Supposed to be engulfed in the power of your word,

But instead I've been entangled with the sin in this world.

Its false doctrines are engraved on my heart;

Lord, start the spark     to remold what's ripped me apart.

Subject me to your fire so I can be free from hell’s fire

And rewrite the mindset that fuels my desire.


I'm a stumbling block to one you love,

More than I ever could.

You're so much better

 And you never have to look back

 And say that you should have done this or you should have done that.

You’ve already mastered love; God, you’re way ahead of the pack.

See my primary excuse is that I don't have enough,

Or I just need more,

 Or I simply ran out of

- Time.

But you're not bound by it, cuz you're the author,

And you've been love since the beginning.


Since before earth turned round

 And seeds could sprout up from this unfertile ground.

Though men's hearts run cold with lust,

How amazing is your love.

I wanna break free and be the man you designed me to be.

Kind, gentle, faithful and true; but above all else I wanna love like you do.


Forgive me father for I know not what I've done,

And in the words of your son I reject my sinful ways,

My past life has diminished.

Lord pull me now to you because

It is finished.



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