I Am The Fall


I am the fall, the fall, dear Eve

He knew, knew he did that we would leave

Alone. Alone among the trees and hanging heads like melons

Silent, dear silence! We have set the pattern, of the world, don’t grieve!

Prepare your ears, for his heart splits loudly, aggrieve

You dear intelligence, and me, the infection, beloved felons


The garden is a hedge maze, and the fruit leads the way

Disconnected, from life and death, in this we will stay

Children, they are death. They are the reincarnation

Here in this nest, back to back we will lay

In the womb, in dark tunnels to play

On the seed, water reaches stagnation


Drowning, Wiggling larva will grow

Perfect, now defect

Infected, we are connected

Drowning, They were there, in the apple they stow


Truly naked, The children leave the nest

The lower brain, all the same

The interlaced, toxic waste

Truly naked, we are at our best


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