All Intellectuals Are Atheists


All intellectuals are atheists


it started when i parted home to downtown to sit down with an intellectual crowd for chow

immediately i guessed which guest was the most proud

based solely on him spouting his side of how the world spins and runs

that all intellectuals are athiests 

and those who say otherwise are dumb

i wanted to haul his ass down the hall

stand his small speck of a life before the full moon and harpoon his hot air balloon immune to reason

but i understood that it would be indecent

so i did as i should and stood my ground

but he asked as a profound believer what i thought of his sound theory

nearly bursting 

i smiled


as i sat i tried to combat and i fought and fought not to explain to him what i obviously ought

i stalled and said after dinner mints we'll mince words 

but when they came

he came back to his lines and they were downright absurd

as an intellectual which of course means athiest he said in the laziest tone

he narrated a preposterous prose that he takes precedences cause his presence is a present to the present presidents of every nation

and also to the greater dictators and their traitor rebellious organizations

deja moo cause ive heard this bull before

this guy was some sort of intellectual whore

i try to ignore i grit my teeth

but he implores me saying

go for it


so i obliged carelessly cut this plagiarizing gigalos jugular which was enjoyable

crucifying his cause because if you recall he was particulary secular in perception

he missed in the mist of his clouded judgement an assortment of important facts

so begrudgingly i began to make a slight adjustment tracings his tracks


i started


i dont give a damn about curses or your dam of stupidity which i will flood with verses versus the ideas youve only discussed in disgust that god perhaps is like one of us


second i dont care for churches seeking only to enlarge their purses based on blind trust

that spirituality and faith is something interior and to pretend to be superior really just makes you inferior he replies that i must

see god as others see god for all to be encompassed

an idea which i thought was based on his thought and was quite pompous


i tried to alter his desecrated altar for god as an omnipotent everpresent being that he didnt even believe in

i told him that believing doesnt need seeing and its about percievin' 



he tries to cut me off and i tell him he couldnt be a proper doctor

he asks why i reply

because you dont have the patients

he laughs and then lets me finish my explanations


the king of everything amazing but also the baron of a barren land

maybe whats happened wasn't his plan or perhaps he's just abandoned

global tragedies?

maybe he's homicidal

 or maybe he's just as idle as the idols attributed to his holiness

the explosiveness outburst caused looks of horridness


so i stopped


but of course he coerced the rest with coarse methods of irrelevant insults and senseless stabs at my spirituality


i took a deep breath

and i began again 

this time to finish until the end


maybe god preys on praises and celebrations and kneels and prays to something else that he'll profit off of his profits just helping himself

its disguise guys he didnt mean it all

he'd had heeded the warnings but he still didnt stall

the pull of power was too strong as god realized 

that times passing hours were ours unless he trivialized 

the important things and focused on the frivilous

my frenemy sitting furthest away was listening now no longer thinking i was ridiculous


i continued

not faltering 

maybe it wasnt gods fault

what if the throne was thrown down to him by default  

but god was so vain his veins ran with something grim

he thought of and brought visions that sought to dim

he whored his horde of lies to the hoard of people

stuck on his word as law and he as the lord of every steeple

theres always evidence that his nature is corrupted by sin

because while i put my heart out this god goes within

he pries open his insides to find pride his prize

the only thing left from his tangle of lies as he dies he dyes the ground red with his tries

to live forever in the minds of the masses i stop 

to wipe my dirty glasses

he could daze you for days youll be amazed that he can elicit such illicit behaviors cause a craze of explicit actions of every nature

you see he has the insight to incite beliefs in others

take away the power of mothers and turn brothers against brothers

my quote played before me as opponent lashed back in spite

despite my attempts to stay polite 

i knew the new news he laid out before me

new and upcoming proof in research and frankly it bored me


but science disproves god

and i stop him there

the ideas of science and god can honestly share

the same mind without contradicting

this is assuming that you are actually thinking

god is a collection of answers

to questions that can never be mastered


we mentally dueled with dual daggers of wit late into the night

yet instead of arguing at the end he finally did something right

he stopped with his aggression

and instead he started pressing questions

we went back and forth now talking not enraged

both of us equally and fully engaged

we came to the conclusion that life is full of unanswered questions and more of them is better 

not to lessen was the lesson

we now enjoyed each thinking with our own minds

rather than quoting someone else from another time

finally the bill was passed onto me

but he took it quite quickly

an act which i thought was quite funny 

but he explained that the dialogue was worth much more than money

we decided to split it as we had with the thoughts 

and we shook hands and this time sincerely smiled a lot 

we packed up after that pact on our debate turned discussion

and that was the best dinner ive had minus the time i had a drinking contest 

with a russian


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