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My life is dope, and I do dope shit.  - Kanye West           - Atticus Vadera
I am not skinny, I am not fat but I'm a little on the heavy side I have brown eyes that I love I don't have perfect skin but I'm okay with that most girls want to look like the models in magazines
What does it mean to be flawless Is it designer clothes or perfect skin?
the day i first met him i turned to stone. my eyes seemed to fog over when he passed by me and my normally nonstop lips fused together. he seemed to fit so perfectly to me like a lego in my lap but
  i guess shes been my friend all my life. though she was not always there, she resided in shadows waiting to pounce to bestow her perfection to flood my mind with dust and bones...
My perfection is my absolute truth, through the scars and the pain of my youth. The world In which I lived was was not clear skies of blue, but nontheless the only one that I knew.
I am FLAWLESS  because I know my  Flaws I am  fearless because  I held no fear I'm not perfect Because it overrated but I am  special in my own way  my flaws are 
Dreams and drapes grabbed my attention in third grade,   then in seventh grade, I wanted to be a baker, there I went dreaming again   tenth grade starts and I can't choose
Every day I see the same face in the mirror.
'You're a good girl, so you get a toy' I'm a good girl, so I got a toy. You're so smart, you must get straight As.' I am smart but I got Cs. 'Cheyenne tell me, why are you so PERFECT?'
I wake up with morning hair and morning breath Am I perfect yet? I trip and I fall Am I perfect yet? I'm not skinny. I am curvy. Am I perfect yet? I don't go out with my friends, a lot.
That perfect caption -  it's all I need to say.  It tells the world what I'm doing,  where I'm at, when I'll be away.  That corresponding picture  (damn I look so fine!)
Free From everything I used to be                      Re-writing my history Picture by picture I’m finding me   I’m alright My hair plain brown, my face aged with time
The first time I did i was prepared I'd tried my best just to impress No shirt on and my messy hair With a quick judgement I thought this was my best Surely everyone else will think the same
Empty inside Hollow and wanting, waiting Waiting to feel something wanting to feel anything I do feel Feeling only pain and anger
I wake up With crazy hair and foul morning breathe Flawless I post up Unfiltered selfies to show the real me Flawless Ride round in it Until my mom need her car back for work Flawless
"Girl, you might as well just stop" Well , I dont believe I ever asked you When were you ordained the power of God to delegate what I can and what I cant do?
Unmask me, what is it you see?  A striking smile, but I see a weary girl, seeking her strength. Green eyes hunting for her soul. Unmask me, what is it you see? Behind the eye shadow and lip gloss,
If there was something I could tell you, I would keep it real. I would tell you this so you would know how I feel
The Way I walk and the way I talk Flawless The way I rock my hips and dip Flawless
A dark waistland surounds me, all I see is nothing, but nothing dosen't see me.   The emptyness swallows me whole, but as I enter its throat, It spits me back out into the Valley of Nowhere.  
A pale white mask sits all alone Waiting to be put on and waiting to be shown. Hidden behind it is an identity unknown The flaws and imperfections everyone loathes.
i am flawless nahfuck that shit flaws are a partof me and i'm proud
My name is Jada I am not your video slave I am a young girl   Boys raped me on tape Sadly the tape went viral   Now everyone knows   I chose to stand tall I was a victim it’s true
Colorless is how people should appear to a police officer’s view Offender’s skin shouldn't make a difference in the end its true
Colorless is how people should appear to a police officer’s view Offender’s skin shouldn't make a difference in the end its true
I've once relied on someone, for love, security, and fun. I've learned you're the only person who cares for you most, only you can keep yourself so close. I can get through so much misery,
I walk alone sometimes. you may ask me how i am, i will say that i am fine and i will ask if you would like to walk with me.   I walk alone sometimes. it does not bother me,
The future is there
She watches and hears the pain of death; She stares at the flames that has taken the life of her sister; As tears silently flows down no sound is heard; But the screams of pain in a firey death;
I love TV and all its perfectness.
It's a Monday morning and you've got to get up, You're tired, alone, down in the dumps, You want to slep, go out, stay at home, anything cool, Unfortunately, you know you've got to go to school,
Your determination and commitment is your life, How far are you willing to go, willing to fight? Commit to your husband or wife, stand by their side for life, Commit to school and follow the rules,
I am the daughter of a mother who has an uncurable diease no life long numbing agent that could soothe and heal it. It left a faded scar as a badge of honor.... It's. No. Breeze.
I wish I could be the pretty girl The popular one The one that everybody knows The one that everyone wants to talk to The girl everybody wants to hang out with But no I'm not the pretty girl
Me and Instagram we go back and forth like a pendulum
                          my eyes tend to judge me  my mind wonders recklessly as I stare in the mirror my eyes tend to judge me..could I make this any clearer?
I have flawless ambition. I want more than I know how to approach As a result I never fall short of achieving at least something
What is beauty? It is somewhat hard to say, Because all things are beautiful If you look at them the right way.   People focus on aesthetics; Imperfections they will hide.
Mirror mirror on the wall,who's the brightest star? Who has the talent and looks to win it all?
Papa always told me I wasn't a porcelain barbie. He said I was too dark to be lovely, I had no pink cheeks nor colored eyes. He refused to stay home most of the time,
My Definition Us human beings; residents of our minds & slaves of our soul We choose to see what is only wrong in every journey; what cannot be fixed
I just woke up, my hairs a stickn mess With a flip of da wrist, I'm bringing sexy back Its 0 degrees outside, my cars still warm I parked in a garage, eat that Running late to school, teachers late
I don't appreciate  when you approach me just to tell me that I'm so blessed  with such a sexy body.  And you have no right to be offended when  I don't kiss the ground you walk on
Who am I? A doctor, writer, or biologist A musician, detective, or radiologist Who am I? A dancer, veterinarian , or accountant A teacher, athlete, or consultant Who am I?
Dark glasses onHand cuffs broken in two
It took me years to realize that I’m more than just a comparison,A comparison to a magazine cover, to a GPA, to a friend or to a sibling.I’m not you, I’m not him, I’m not her… I’m me.  I’m just me.And I, am flawless.
You tell me I am flawed
Perfection; The most desired thing, The all-consuming and pointless thing, That so many obsess and hurt themselves over.   There are so many things we all want to change,
I am my scars They paint my body, and my heart A story for the reader If they can see it   The one on my wrist from petting a cat Visiting a shelter, holding death I went despite my allergies
I am a perfectionist with a capital P. Let down if I get less or equivalent to a B, because I want to be the best that I can be, and yet, I can never seem to keep my room clean for more than a week...
I like to think that my words ar
My body is a temple built upon rolling hills that collide with the clouds and can almost touch the sky. My body is a temple full of growth, sunshine, green pastures, and sweet melodies.
There are times in life where I
Look around ladies, and tell me what you seeSociety's telling us all how to act, look, and who to beBeyoncé said it best when she woke up without a flaw,Now raise up with pure confidence, make the doubters stand in awe.
The impression left on a smooth, glass tabletop can be faded or everlasting. Blowing your breath along its surface and slide nimble fingers across and for an istance, your words,your symbols and your marks
When you were little, you were small. Everyone was. When you were little, no one cared about the size of your jeans, Just the size of your dollhouse and the shape of your backyard
The mirror highlights the differences From the polaroid on the wall Of a man undriven, sad but unwilling Enslaved to his own weakness   Sharp words and cruel tongues Ignited the crucible long overdue
I play softball,
I'm lost in a world that wants to bring me down
Dependency Conflicted What should've been restricted Honeysuckle violet roses Come to me When I'm at my lowest  Opiate sinsemilla Desolate feelings are too familiar Waft Inhale
These hand
Being impeccable is over-rated, unattainable, impossible, and even outdated. I prefer my goofy smile,  and my spontaneous, overbearingly hectic lifestyle, over that of a life monotonous with perfection.  
I have come to a consensus To respect my bare hands, And to gleam at the man I have built To add structure to surrounding lands. I have also learned over time To disregard the closed doors,
I have come to a consensus To respect my bare hands, And to gleam at the man I have built To add structure to surrounding lands. I have also learned over time To disregard the closed doors,
To be brought and to age      in a world of masks To be raised and trained      to forge my own To be afraid to be without it   At the end of the day      I'm still me
I was broken. Shattered.
One day I looked into my mirror and it started to speak, it said
I see hope. I see light. I see a love For life that might Hide deep inside His heart, Beneath pain and sorrow That tears him apart.   I hear cries. I hear sobs.
I am a paradox with skin and bones. The Sleeping Repunzel you pass in the hall way.
I have feet that graze the ground with each step I take.   Legs so powerful that carry my weight   and knees that allow them to bend.   I have a stomach that supports the innermost parts of me
The people that reside here in this mess Would have you believe
Twenty photos taken Ten are deleted Five are retaken Ten show the camera’s reflection on my glasses The other five look hideous: My baby cheeks seem to be bulging; My skin is flushed out;
I am flawlessly flawed and that’s why I’m awed to be in this world created by God. Every hair on my head, even the ones still messy from bed, Are exactly where he meant them to be.  
She knew there are other things that I am thankful for. But there is this one object that she has to thank more.
  After Beyonce's ***Flawless
The  secret  to sucess is what makes me flawless Confidence is key to a certain degree. When you keep your chin up and get back in the stirrup. Nobody can slow you down.  
Flawlessness Confidence within Free from manipulation Self empowered, justified pride Autonomous
The images flashing across TV screens,
Flawlessness. Confidence within. Free from manipulation. Self empowerment, justified pride. Autonomous.
Flawlessness. Confidence within. Free from manipulation. Self empowerment, justified pride. Autonomous.
I use to feel so disgusted by those hurtful words telling me that I wasn't pretty enough  slim enough 
She is full of compassion Poker-faced to hide her emotion Magentic charm that draws them near like bees to honeypot, it is seen so clear Some call her a chameleon  Camouflaged with every story
Its purpose is to make a flawless shape Aren’t we as humans like a shape it makes? With arms, legs, head and hair To fit the dimensions that make us so fair.   Except this cookie cutter cannot will not,
BORING ANNOYING LOUD AWKWARD FAT UGLY  and every bad thing inbetween You are not important You are not part of the league
Whether or not you are famous  Whether or not you are you Waking up in the morning, did it ever feel so cruel? Did you ever have to look at them and want to be glamourous? I feel like me
My voice has been undermined for so long, it's time to remi
A Pane of Glass Is As Bland As A Blank Page. Solidity, Wholeness, Smothness, Are False Perfections Boring And Unattainable.
A Pane of Glass Is As Bland As A Blank Page. Solidity, Wholeness, Smothness, Are False Perfections Boring And Unattainable.
A Pane of Glass Is As Bland As A Blank Page. Solidity, Wholeness, Smothness, Are False Perfections Boring And Unattainable.
Pay no heed to the pretentious standards. Low-class, high-class, nothing! In other words- A worthless ladder of pity and pride. How well are those on the pitiful side? They certainly aren't with those in the stars.
What is it about me that speaks and spreads love? That admiration I seek is a gift from above that not only do I give, but I expect nothing in return well...sometimes... but that's another lesson learned.
I like to think I am unique, that without filters I am that much more special than everyone else. But I am not more special than everyone else, because that is an oxymoron. Everyone is special and unique,
I am flawless I am perfect  There is not one thing    wrong                                        strange                                        terrible
From her curly hair, to her short cocoa legs  she was flawless  Her brown eyes were soft and innocent  but yet, they were flawless  From the way she spoke with powerful words,
  It’s tough when you’re forced to grow up in a world Where Barbies are standards for each little girl I’ve had too many friends feel they’re less than they are
My Mind is Beautiful   My mind is beautiful. An infinite universe
Powerful and Strong, She controlled the room. She was Queen of her audience,
Maybe if I dye my hair or straighten my teeth, I'll look just like the glamour girls you see on t.v. Wonder if that'll catch his eyes.   But really I'm just fine being me. No need to worry, I'm always happy.
My darling, you are so beautiful. The word for your flawlesness has not yet been invented  your beauty spills lawlessly  forward
Energy, Great, Cute     Why do I need a filter?  Fun, Sarcastic, Sweet     Why do I need to be fake?  Nice, Helpful, Talented?        I don't need a filter to live. 
Squares in a series; Each song helps paint my story. They call me: FLAWLESS.  
There is a wall up, A wall that no one can see. The wall is what hides me,
I suppose that in a way
when i hear the word flawless i think about all the blemishes on my face the many scars and marks that cover my body the lion mane that covers my head and the jagged row of teeth that i have
Blank canvases that inhale and exhale with motives to live. That's all we are painted by Biology a gamble in the darkness of who wins the lottery of appeal.   Sometimes we are created
Child abuse is reported every 10 seconds.
  Countless times, life gets me down, Far from flawless, I keep my frown. But times start to take a turn,
I am a Goddess My confidence orbits the sun Some may see my abundance of self-love as conceit They would be undoubtedly wrong I am simply in touch with my inner Deity
Flaw Laws By Samuel Michael Bienemy   Your flaws aren't what make you Your heart is what breaks you Your mind is wha makes you Your body is what frames you
Each day I spend looking into the eyes of othersAt this girl who writes meaningful poemsAt this girl who watches way too much tvAt this girl who makes sarcastic remarks about every little thing
  imperfection is something only others see and in the end I will be the most perfect me I can ever be so why waste time and pick out my flaws
F.l.a.w.l.e.s.s Unlike the rest I'm not flawless in my face But flawless in my ways My body shape may not be the Same But that doesn't subtract from my beauty nor my good grades F.l.a.w.l.e.s.s
A Message    
Am I Perfect? My body is small hardly like a barbie doll. My hair is thick and dark It is bold as if making a loud remark My eyes are almond shape a brilliant brown i can't escape
Love Is Love  
Because when I woke up this morning, the first thing I did WASN'T to look in the mirror. Because before I left this moning, the first thing I DIDN'T do was focus on what I am not.
The definition of flaw is defect or fault; The definition itself is contradictory to Heaven and Earth. Everyone is made specifically and perfectly as they are, So any "flaws" are actually evidence of flawlessness.
I may not have a body that’s hand-crafted marble With each curve and dip being smooth and alluring, Or a mind tuned as precisely as a clock, Or manners as polished as fine as fine jewels…
the mysteries of genetics have conspired against me blotting, bulging, blackening. tearing at a person staring shredding my hope of decency my one wish to be clear and free  
  Good Enough Many thought rushing through my mind, Visions of how it’s “supposed to be”. Am I good enough? I’m sick of all these images I see.
Every picture of me that I personally take does have some editing of my face.
A line of coal across the lid A swipe of black added to the lash Loose curls cascading down Don't look in the mirror they said Conceited
I'm alright, everything is fine I just be myself, no need to whine No need for other's opinions Only need the people that matter to me  And most importantly... myself!
I am a woman. Therefore, I am power. A typical woman is said to bloom like a flower. Why bloom like a flower, when you can sting like a bee? I am fearless, and I will be a queen.  
When I was young I never played outside,
It's all the flaws that make us all unique. Though I am not, and never will be, the size of mannequins at the boutique.   Even with all of my "flaws", they would say, my nose, my ears, my feet,
Beauty is not a simple thing,
I am not the shade of my lipstick.Instead I am the
Wickedly Talented, Idina Menzel She shows me what is truly like to be flawless She makes mistakes She laughs it off She gets nervous She has heartbreak She is exhausted She works hard
i had always viewed myselF
What is “Flawless”? Like what does it mean? You don’t know, well here is a definition Flawless by definition means without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect Now tell me are you flawless?
The music sings of flaws,
I am supposed to write about how I am flawless How I have no faults and am perfect But you see,    I am not flawless I am not perfect  I am only me   I make mistakes daily
I see those around me
I'm flawless by the curve in hip
No false bravado, before your eyes- What you see is what you get, no cloak no disguise. Despise me if you must, for I follow no one- I choose my own path, for I am my fathers’ son.
They said I be flawless Said I be drop dead gorgeous and unapologetic for it They said I be temple Be home to the broken bones those odds tried to stack against me My brilliance is immeasurable
Romans 5:18 "I loved you at your darkest" I have loved you at your darkest, my child, despite all you're hurt and pain. I loved you while you were on your phone searching for love and love again.
Quick take a picture What can we see? An everlasting flawess flitered picture of me Hair done Skin soft Eyebrows on fleek Eyes tipped Black dip, winged tip on me
my chest risesjust as the sun doesand water coursesthrough Motherjust as blood does my veinsshe takes my breath awayand I cry in jealousyas she begs me, pleaseto love myself
We need to be more careful with the words that we’re articulating ‘Cause up til now all these rhymes have been self-deprecating All the girls obsessed with “depressed” and self-harm,
When you feel weak, think of this- your skin literally absorbs sunlight and turns into vitamin D so that your bones stay strong. Darling, your body feeds on stars, it is the universe that keeps you alive,
My old friend, long since living in Tanzania was a friend of living. "You are flawless" she crooned. "Trust me, I know."
Born beautiful, I am the epitome Of self-confidence
Years of bullying and I'm still head strong Over the past few I'm still going on Unsing my friends to help to support me  
Scratch a glass, deform it Screw perfection Break a glass, and it is enlit Bent into a new creation   Your glass is intact, glistening with care You are vulnerable
One day my father asked me what I wanted to do, I lied.
Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you want it to. As we grow up, we have to choose. Life goes by fast. You go from playing in a sand box to waiting for a boy who doesn’t know if he should ask.
I was taught that I should chase after who I please  But what if who I please does not desire me? Growing up in a town of a city, blonde hair with blue eyes was what was considered pretty
Her mind is a mess of colors and shapes,
They say 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' What will The Beholders think when they see me?
Perfection in sublime imperfection Unique by design, The Creator’s creation echoes Eternal Soaring, reverberating, carving past present streams of stalagmites, the stale and the nocturnal  
Ever since I was a little girl, I was always told I was beautiful or cute. From my wide blue eyes To the way my hair would curl. As I grew older… Words remembered, encouraged Me to go forward.
Life is too short to stop me from living my life. I may want what other seem irrational. But all my life it's what I've used, To keep me stable, sane, and stationary. Stationary yet I'm always moving.
Peaking into the mirror I halt.
  My older sister thinks that Madonna gave her a lobotomy, When she’s at the tail end of her medication and needs more, And even when she’s on them she talks off to the side,
I am ME.   I am not you. I can not do you. You can not do me. I can do me.   I Sing like me, Laugh like me, Look like me.   Not You.  
  You touch. No second guesses. Pull. Only common occurrences.  Pinch! Not senseless. Poke. Nor offensive. I guess I might ask questions too if I were you.
Tall, Thin, Wealthy, Eye-catching. Nowadays, society values and feels magnetized to those who who are so materialistically aesthetic. Superficiality is a concept that is
With curves large and wide that are slick as butter   brown hair that glistens in the sun   Hazels eyes that reflect the way I feel     A bubbly personality for everyone there   Short temper that gets the best of me   A follower of God,jesus hims
I'm lazy. I'm 19 years old and I have been blessed with the ability to dance, sing, write, but I'm lazy. I noticed I only come alive when performing or at parties and it's starting to bother me.
Every time I look at her she doesn't fail to impress me  with her flawless skin her long dark hair  glowing smile cute brown eyes  and a real womens body 
FLAWLESS SCHOLARSHIP   Beauty is a battle people tend to face. Some cost it; others just chase. The beauty, the glam, the entire fame,
We know what they all want. The movie makers and picture takers, The volatile societal model, Which we ourselves put up on a pedestal. A false god constructed from plastic surgery, And hair extensions.
A quality of mine that's worthy of some praise Such a pride evoking poser, on which one could brag for hours. The subject of this sonnet, such is the question I must raise
I’ve evolved  Not changed  disfigured   or maimed   My original template Is the same  My self image  I must proclaim   Is flawless The epitome of a goddess    
I’m drowning in myself   I can’t catch a break And can’t catch a breath   I’m drowning, the darkness spreading   Seeping into my heart And seeping into the fabric of my soul  
I’m drowning in myself   I can’t catch a break And can’t catch a breath   I’m drowning, the darkness spreading   Seeping into my heart And seeping into the fabric of my soul  
Looking into the abyss What do I see? I see me Wearing my ugg boots And skinny jeans “I am pretty” I say “I am smart” I say “I am me” I say  
it's hard to believe i'm ***FLAWLESS sometimes but looking at the evidence, who can deny? with the way syncopated drum rhythms wrap around my head like a crown
"No thanks. Too dark. Not cute. Not my type."
I once heard an old wrinkly man call his old wrinkly wife beautiful. I cringed and squinted, turned my head and tried to understand  what part of her old wrinkly face was beautiful.
Beauty has made her choice. She chose the Beast.  Beauty is intelligent. She chose her books. Beauty is kind. She chose happiness. Beauty is fearless.
I once told my mom in front of the bathroom mirror that there was not one part of my body that I really liked   Not my small “Chinky” eyes, that disappear when I smile Not my dry, rough hands,
When she was a child She was flawless Despite her tangled hair That her mommy Called “The Nest” She was flawless
Dear Diary, Today I was pushed to the ground,
I have sharp edges. I jut out and I cut if you get too close. I am terrifying and I am intense and I am beautiful.   I am not worried about being flawless because I like that my skin
Humans have flaws, so as a rule we're not flawless. But those who accept it would appear to be lawless. I am a man, with a name of the other. I'm often mistaken for another Asian's brother.
I love that I think I’m intelligent. I love that I think I’m hilarious. I love that I think I’m nice. I love that I think I’m drop dead gorgeous.
three seconds   the adrenaline pumps, pumps, pumps and your veins fill with something electric something unnameable something holy   two seconds   your breath is fast and shallow
I am not ugly,
It's so hard seeing from one good eye Cause that's the only eye you can go by Atleast the only one you trust to guide you right Can only see half as good through them dark nights 
No knows, why the sequoia stands so tall, From below, it’s just another tree, But through the storms it never fall, Stretching skyward, and free.   It isn’t adorn with fragrant flowers,
I was 7 years old when i was told i was ugly that i had four eyes and big bucked teeth, that I was fat with a crooked smile that not even mother could love me  
The rain, Its such a marvelous thing. Washing away the impurities Splashing against the ground Like small soldiers dropping Scrubbing, Scrubbing away all the ugly.
Art can be beautiful, or it can be hideous. Yet in all its imperfections lies perfection.   It matters not the skill of the hand, or the depth of the mind.
With pen and paper It is beauty I create I am an artist
I woke up like this 5’1, neither team light-skinned nor dark-skinned tone Eye sight on “ooo girl, how could you see out of those” I just step out of the 90’s decade clothes
I was taught since birth,Trained like a circus animal,To focus only on my flaws,Ache over every splintered quality,And strive for perfection.  
Look at the ads out right now advertising “the perfect body” What is  wrong with society? Perfect is not defined as a flat stomach and a thin physique But when girls see those pictures, they don’t eat for a week
A pearl, Dipped in love and frosted with perfection,
Pefection  - not real always striving - reaching high never satisfied!
I am from frigid rinks, from bruised knees and injuries. 
Queen Bey chants, “we flawless, ladies tell em,”
Be yourself following trends  let the trends follow you follow the leader let the leader follow you be yourself because no one else can 
He holds my hand While we stare at art pieces All through the museum in perfect silence He tells me I belong on the wall With the rest of the masterpieces; I bite my lip to keep from smiling.
Hide the truth written on the face,
News styles flood our stores and closets every day, but what you wear won't hide your dismay.  You dye our hair, paint your face, and try to act like someone you are not,
When I look out and see the world today, It shames me to know the lack of kindness. That’s why I try to keep evil at bay: Lack of integrity is a crisis.   I wish to see the world bloom with niceness;
We see them everywhere, Masks that hide who a person really is inside. Their mask may have perfect hair, Or maybe it makes their stomach one less size. And, maybe it feels like we're obligated to wear them,
It is as an old photograph, fading with every second
Her hair is a mess, her eyes are swollen
When I was in middle school, I went through a phase.
As I move once again to a new state. I hold on to all the memories   Willingfully I go with a heavy heart but hopeful spirits.   Now I say to myself,
Flashback   A blast from my past   10 years old and growing fast       A sweet little girl   Innocent and pure  
i woke up like this, sun in my eyes sqinting towards the day ahead. beary eyed and a dry mouth with a side of drool a disheveled mess with a good morning sounding like a grunt. 
Many times I see fear For those around me it is clear Boots, jeans, and cowboy hats don't belong here Yet, I stand perfect my broken mirror Strong eye makeup symbolizes my strength, but it does appear...
Hey, hey ya you! Remember you are worth more than any star in the sky From the pressures of life you become mroe like a diamond every day You're more than an option, but an amazing opportunity
Dear Future Self,   You did it.   Living with no limits. Losing yourself in your passion. Rising up and growing into the best you could be. Your world was waiting for you.  
My schedule— MWF class 10-12:30 TH class 9:30-2 Wednesdays are special: Go and help out at the elementary school, And make it to the Drama club meeting by 5.
I used to wake up and wish I were the gleam in the summer sun
I am flawless.
Flawless? I wouldn't think so.
Dark brown eyes that seem to glow
Old Town, New City Bussing tables just to make seven fifty Got no time, no sleep When I muster emotion, I go deep Feeling down until I hit the town Rolling through , running around  
I'm a leader. But my value doesn't depend on how many followers I have.   Picturesque.  Pounds of makeup doesn't define beauty nor does 100+ likes on a photo.  Social Media. 
I woke up to face me in the mirror butter ball naked I saw all the flaws I once so desperately try to hid From even the young lady in the mirror who did everything I did
I am Fat, A little pudge keeps me warm. I am a Loser, But I succed because I fail. I am Angry, For showing passion.
Freckles,  They crowd my face. A new one always ready to join.  Sometimes.  I feel there is no more room on my face. All my thoughts can amount to the dots on my face.
  I am Invisible, Determined I wonder when I will be heard I hear a faint whisper I see a hand held out
In my fantasy I can do anythingI dream, I fly, and soar through the skyThat twinkles with the mesmerising stars of the universe
I am perfect, on the inside The masterpiece has not fully manifested itself on this canvas yet But still, I am flawless in His eyes
I am my own Obsession. I am a new work of art in the every day tick tock tick tock seconds of life. When I wake up, I am my own Obsession. I'm determined and bright and willing to,
                              She’s like a book Everyday it’s like a new chapter She’s like a favorite book the one you can’t get enough of Outside the cover is pure but inside all the pages are
I'm flawless because I am able to see my flaws.
Here I am. Just as I am, right here right now. This is all of me. Nothing more and nothing less.
Life is monochrome, or so they say. A repetitive cycle of time, repeating daily.   What has gone, will come by again. Where is the color in life?   Soul against soul,
  Look Into My Eyes
Too many voices too many claims trying to fit in by being the same I've got zits I've got creams I've got obstacles to my dreams I get down About my small size
I am flawless because I choose to accept that I have no flaws. I have been created, broken, molded, and recreated to become the person I am today. 
Frizzy hair is the norm for me With a crooked smile and chubby cheeks Glasses sit on the bridge of my nose And who can stand a girl with goofy toes  It is always a tight squeeze to fit into my jeans
I am a ripple on a calm still lake i am a pimple on a perfect face i am imperfection in a perfect world i am the insecurity in a beautiful girl. but i am me never anyone else
Above all else, I am average. I was born female I’m bad at math My communication skills are beyond low I have horrible asthma My eyesight is worse than my great-grandmothers
 I look at you with my hidden eyes Your smile lights up the world Blue, green, and gray crystals In my heart, butterflies twirled I did not see it coming   At first mere acquaintances
From when I was conceived, it was constant unrest Mix of emotions growing on me, depressed. As I grew up times got tougher, Moving around, and my parents getting older.  
"Worthless." "Selfish." "Hopeless."    Walk down the hall, A glance to the left, A glance to the right, The voices never stop. The voices never cease.  
I wish to swim far out and never see land again Penetrate the greatest depths of the world Find the mermaids who hide in my dreams And become the girl I always wanted to be  
How can I say Im flawless  When the world tries to make me feel less How can I say I'm smart  When Im not on top of the honor roll charts The world tries to tear me down
How can I say Im flawless  When the world tries to make me feel less How can I say I'm smart  When Im not on top of the honor roll charts The world tries to tear me down
I am dark But I am still lovely I am dark But I am still beautiful I am dark But I am still lovable I am dark But I am still a woman I am dark But Iam still worthy respect
I woke up I had to wake up I had my whole life Waiting ahead of me in strife. I always dreamed of this moment Could it be my time? I could hear the chime Of success calling my name
Paul N 10th grade   [Bold- say it loud]  
It used to be so easy To let others get to me   'Not enough' they would say And I would believe them   How many times did it take before I realized the power of their words?
My flawless trait started when I was eight  but there is no denying the fact that I am flying.  Over expectations because this is my nation.
  Everything is spinning The floor is completely gone And in the beautiful silence There is a resounding song. No, it’s more like a tone. A buzzing or a beep That makes insanity seem so sweet
Every day is a blank canvas ripe for the splatter of colors verbal vomit fills the pages better out than in    The light shines on diamonds as they fall on smiling faces encompassed in cold
Growing up, I hate myself. Every time I looked in the mirror, my eyes would pierce into my soul with a hate that I thought would kill me in and of itself.
Stand straight, shoulders back, chin up, eyes forward. Think fast, speak little, assume none, shield all. Be good, follow rules, don't question, respect honored. Stay quaint, fall in line, don't be different- so banal.
Flawless. The girl on the cover of the magazine, The one who was created with photoshop, The one who sees the magazine and doesn't see herself. Flawless. The all-state basketball star,
I used to pray. I used to pray that when I woke, my skin would be clear of  imperfections. Clear of freckles, clear of bumpsI hated being different, noticed, ugly. 
Despite my blemishes and imperfections
Flawless I am Poem for a scholarship slam double chin perfectly put together I know I am better Flawless I am Body built like a dam  Strong & Structured  Damn
When I wake up I look in my mirror and see the Most real version of myself Dark circles Crazy Bed head Drool on the side of my mouth  And freckles everywhere
Lovely, healthy, me Heart of gold and full of love
I am bipolar and thats okay I've tried to hide to hide it, tried to runaway I am bipolar not an outcast The mistakes I've made are all in the past I am bipolar, I've learned alot
I am bipolar and thats okay I've tried to hide to hide it, tried to runaway I am bipolar not an outcast The mistakes I've made are all in the past I am bipolar, I've learned alot
I am perfect in my own way. Everyone is different, and therefore I cannot compare myself to them because they are not me. All I can do is look at myself and decide that I am who I am, and who I am is beautiful.
My voice can move a moutain,
I am always late, I cannot keep a date My posture isn’t exactly straight. The rooms a mess, and sleeping is the best. Music better loud, and my dancing doesn’t make most proud.
Everyday I can look in the mirror and I can pick out an imperfection. Everyday they say I'm not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not smart enough.
All my life they’ve taught me to be clean, Wash my hands while singing the ABCs. But what if I really like dirt? Sorry but I swear it won’t hurt!   Nice shoes cramping my style,
I was smart, but was never good at math. "The numbers don't lie," my teacher would say. This theory of rationality left my consciousness A duller black and white than the atmosphere of the room
Some people appear to be "flawed" but you don't see what their life has been like; You don't see their pain, or their strugge, or their loss
You were a bird Free, fragile He was a vulture Cruel, devious You were a storm Somber, dark
I am not delicate but I will wear pink. I am not frightened but I will cover my eyes at a horror movie. I am young but that does not mean I have a blind eye. I am female but that does not make me weak.
flawless a word we all search for in ourselves
Yes, we all have flaws, But it is not until we recognize such flaws That they truly exist. Without recognition We are flawless!   You may mess up, And so will everyone on this earth.
The thing that makes me flawless is my undying sense of hope, my ability to find the silver lining in every starless sky. 
I am a field full of daisies  I am a night sky full of stars I am a sunset over the ocean I am a swan in the lake
My legs, My legs, O' they are much better than pegs.  Through lush green fields I dance and I prance, O' how my greatest treasure lies under my pants!   My calves are smooth and supple,
I am who I am meant to be. I am beautiful and free.  
Why am I flawless? It is a simple answer that few people come to realize themselves Everyone is flawless Everyone is unique Why? Because we were born Humans are not born to look alike not even twins
Many people suffer with who they have to be                                     It is a large group                                                                                  And part of that group was me.
When I was younger, I was a bonfire. I blinded all who came to hurt me, and could comfort those who sought my warmth. I lit my surroundings with my wild light, and was never afraid
I'd like to introduce myself
Self love   
  Everyday I wake up I stare into the mirror And touch all the beautiful Pieces of my body That I've been ashamed of
We all believe we are flawed; in some way, shape, or form. 
Flawless is a measure of bless  But to be bless you must be more And if you are more than you cannot be less  Compounded perfection lined in every bodily pore  
In a small town where not only our food is southern style, but our people are too there is no escape from the criticisms and chastisment of others.
You're tellingus -No, you're tellingme.  You're telling us indivicually. 
I'm not just who you say I am,I worked hard to get where I am today.It took everything I had to just get out of bed to face difficulties.You laugh now but I am serious.
“They” say there are certain standards to conform to That a lady needs to watch her mouth and hold her opinion. “They” want to mold me into society’s ideal unflawed woman who bites her tongue and cooks in the kitchen.
You think I'm crazy? I'm creative. My thoughts flow like a movie that can turn into words on a paper or that fly out of my mouth. They make from some facinatiing shows, I can tell you that. Crazy?
Why do girls spend sixty minutes on their make-up when they can spend five Make-up doesn't define who you are Your words and your actions Those define you because those words mean a million more
It was unexpected ‘cause I was just a kid. Bike rides and doodles of a man-eating squid.   Those pretty days were spent on the lawn of my school, laughing and gasping
The ability to have flaws is flawlessness. Having fears of insects and the ocean, And let’s not forget bad hair days. Seeing past others flaws and insecurities for who they really are,
Nicole Winans—full of fun. Loving nature, the outdoors, and the sun. A studious student, always trying her best; Often needing reminded to stop and rest. A born leader, always encouraging others.
They tell us how to mold our bodies to be beautiful I mold my body to be FLAWLESS My body is my art I shape it, color it, add details I don’t listen to THEM Who are THEY? I am ME
FLASH YOU A SMILE (FLAWLESS) If you asked me what made me flawless
If there is a reason For us to grow As people and spirits From the ground below Our flaws make us human They smother our skin But not in harm But to help us win   Each mistake
What makes me perfect, is the fact that I’m not. Imperfection is beauty. Something most people forgot.   Scars on your wrists and fire in your eyes. When I say you’re beautiful,
for the longest time i was
Age 13, my face was full of blemishes. Age 14, I had to get glasses. Age 15, I wanted perfect skin. Age 16, I screamed, "Screw perfection!".
Mmm ... Flawless ? Bossed Up ! Flaws ? I prefer my ways to who I am I wake up everyday feeling like I am the only one of my kind The only one who will do anything and everything Bossed Up!
They say there was a bang And Earth appeared In a black blanket Of billowing stars, Shimmering gas.   Then we did, Erect in a crooked world, Painting love on the walls,
a) Your ugly!! b) Thank You!!!!   a) Your too skinny? b) Thank You!!   a) You will never amount to anything!! b) Thank You!!!  
I must've been blind when I was small, They came around when I grew up tall some were quiet and some were loud , some went and never came around a few were lost and new ones came,
Who am I? Am I the mistakes I made, The wrong decisions I thought were once so cool?   Who am I? Am I a follower of the "in crowd," The coward afraid to speak against the popular kids?  
A turbulent mind
Zoomed in:  
I look to my arm, there lie my flaws  flaunting their discreet disgrace.    Though despite the scars  and a past so raw, I know I am not my mistakes.    For beauty is within 
I know I'm not useless, on sidelines I don't sit, I put my time into everyting, for people, I won't quit. I'm one of those unique ones who sees beauty in all, so when it comes to BITE me....
My bottom isn't the biggest, my thighs aren't the thickest   But I'm perfect exactly how I am My cheeks aren't blemish free, everybody doesn't have to like me But I'm perfect exactly how I am
We are not teens Quit settling for less We are to be treated like queens Let's stop letting little boys be our stress Hold our heads up wear our crowns This is our year Leave that clown
I am labeled with words, Shy, reserved, quiet, And I am judged, For not going out more, Not having a plethora of friends. I don’t think before I speak, But I say what I mean,
To the girl peering in the mirror, who, for some reason, thinks she is inferior, because her hair isn’t straight,
People might not like me for who I am, But I can be FLAWLESS without many friends.     I am.... A friend who worrys, when others are gone. A friend who cares,
Be flawless. Be independent. Be strong. Be you.     Do things that make you stand out. Not just from the crowd, but yourself. Speak beautiful words. Speak your mind.  
"Why are you in this class? Aren't you going to be an English major?" "Damn, well if learning how and why I work isn't poetry then I don't know what the hell is."
Wilhelm Wundt would rather me be anywhere between 20 and 50 people dependent upon the complexity of my harrowed mass or the strength of
thought we all may be different with various talents and aspiration but we are all perfectly made creations artfully crafted inteligent beings made in the faultless image of God each one of wholely unflawed
I'm beautiful, smart, creative, and silly can't you see but all you want to do is get in bed with me I'm not that type of girl  you call me Bae, boo and all of that  but cant you see that I'm brighter than that 
when you love someone  you love them in spite of their flaws, or so they say. i say you love people and you love their flaws the same.  when you love someone they become flawless.
  I'm flawless because I am a woman. My hair curls into spirals and my skin is tinted tan, I'm flawless because I am natural and do not get my courage nor confidence from a man.
Time after time people are labeled as things Words of hurt, words that crash dreams Because of how we look, not for what we be But ignoring them all makes me a happier me
They say every body is beautiful, but -
Jonny's something flawless. Cause I'm not falling I'm the opposite of August. Nothings stopping profit from residing in my pocket Sike, I'm broke as pasta before diving in its haunt of hot water
  Music poundin’, phrases boundin’- baby I’m flawless… Strings screechin’, conductor preachin’- Baby I’m Flawless…
I'm different and unique, i can say that proudly. I like who I am inside.
I wake up with my hair all over the place Raise up with not much grace Then stumble to the bathroom at a very slow pace
Have pure confidence Walk tall and strong Speak up against negativity Sing regardless; just most according to my feelings Love past blemishes and Give past pain I feel, no matter who gave it to me
I woke up with a smile on my face I woke up ready to face the day I woke up ready for the bulies I woke up ready for the harsh words and the crule laughter. I was ready for the torment
I am writing to let you know you are not alone. No matter how romanticized the rogue in you becomes. For all my wanderlust roving dreams of distance, I am writing in hope you know your heart is not a fight club.
Many people hide their face in the bathroom mirror They dab a little bit of this and a add a litle bit of that and they just created a mask We try to prove ourselves and others that we are this beautiful flawless queen
 Today when I look in the mirror, I know that all I value is shown, I will have no fear, nor flee as a deer, I can not conceive how I must have grown,  To allow myself to perservere, 
"Beauty is pain."  The phrase I was raised on. My mom, my grandmother, my great grandmother- Whether it was while brushing my difficult hair, or applying mascara to my innocent and eager eyes before school, 
       Two people and one room, or so one person in one house. Three children in one forest, yet thousands of souls mixed in a habitat of guts and glory.
She took a small seed of confidence and watched it grow. Taking pride in her pain made her stonger than those who have none. She never let's down her guard, so the waters of her heat will never flow.
We have all been there: The awkward stage. We all can relate To those uncomfortable times.   When all the girls had Frizzy uneven hair And boys had scrawny Arms and glasses.  
There's nothing more hopeless than man, ignorant to their own ignorance Ardent in body, yet weak in mind feeble in grounds, yet large in self-worth whom with misguided morals, though brave in judgement
When I hear the word flawless,  I think of precious gems like diamonds.  The thing about a diamond is that Its flawlessness isn't about brilliance or perfection;  Unpolished diamonds look like every other rock. 
There was a face A face I analyzed like a dissection  Blemished with scars and beauty marks Stained with exhaustion and fear Consumed by society’s ideals A face that did not realize what it was worth
makeup                 celebrities                                 perfect bodies and  then there’s me so much pressure to look the part they forget to look at our heart
My eyes sing a song of gold  My smile is prepossessing Lips soft as a cushion This pretty face is a blessing.   Practice makes perfect It took 17 years for implementation 
Which is really you, the person behind the curtain, or the person your best friend boyfriend parent ecclesiastical leader God
Imperfections are inevitable I used to think I could change my body  but I've come to terms that I can't. 
When God brought my creation to fruition His hand was steadied by tradition, Eperience, Intuition and Love As Millenia of ancestry And inherent beauty were Wrapped neatly into Seed, Me
I woke up like this
They tell me my skin isn't perfect and think I can control it,  like it's my choice to have acne, and I can just make it go away. It's my body, not yours.     They tell me I need to eat more,
  Everyone thinks beauty is based on appearance.
I am flawless. I go to school with no make-up, I get judged.
I am flawless because My temper is short And my hair likes to be a mess. I am flawless because I can remember history dates And algebra is confusing. I am flawless because I can be lazy
The life of a young woman is boundless and untamed There is no way of telling where she will go next or who she will become The crazy twirl that destincts Who she is   The girl I was years ago is gone
Constantly,facing Challenge after challenge. I rise on top because,I'm still gonna manage. Lost both of my Grandma's my aunt and I still won't quit. The thought of me being less then my best just makes me sick.
She was fragile, A subtle kind of beautiful, yet strong In mind and opinion.   She was clever, Quick to respond, while clouded With silent doubt.   She was a conformist,
It's hard to believe that a girl like me is Flawless. There are so many things that feel about myself, That are just....not. I don't physically flawless. I can point out everything I hate easily,
I am flawless   With just a smile, I'll make your day
Praying to my god Testimony say im saved, police got me under heat, youngins screaming what you claim, you know the street, its anger pumping through my viens,
I am a woman
They say I should be petite That I shouldn't eat Hell, I'm a big girl and I like me some meat!
Perhaps it's just me, but i have seemed to stumble, rumble, trip, and tumble in life. Far too many times I have found myself at the bottom of the deep-end.
Who am I? Am I the mistakes I"ve made, Or the whipers behind my back? Who am I? Should I listen to society And grieve the things I lack? The body? The money? The fame?
Tell me where these flaws derive from? Itching from the grass under our feet; to the hands we so dearly want to hold. Is there a text book, a guide of some meticulous sorts. Iv never found a universal perfection. We spit that word out.
one look at me a word comes to mind: quiet silent
When you look into the mirror you are unable to see the beauty that you possess deep inside. Your reflection in the mirror is the spitting image of Society spitting words that make you cry. Too ugly. Too fat.
I was that girl- the one that couldn't look at herself without throwing up I was that girl- the one that no one would talk to I was that girl- the one that had to take a blade to her skin to feel something
Compassion flows from my heart --badump-- Beauty in its purest form --badump-- It's almost like a type of art --badump-- That people just adore
      When you leave you venture above dormant pavement This is a memory This is a moment
Bravery. One simple word.  A simple word with so much meaning behind it. Bravery. Asking that girl I like to homecoming. Bravery.
I am, a soul of passionfor people and life.I am, the kind,the kind to build a bridge
Ciara Rodriguez        Behind the mouth lies untainted words. Some without meaning to you and to her.     Behind the eyes of a speckled perfection,
I am a strong believer in a good narrative- and a good ending. With my big, hunky teeth and pizza face acne I think I was set up as an underdog-turned-hero. Because high school was the stage, the script became way to predictable
imperfecty perfect the way your eyes shine it's in the touch of your hand it's when you're on somebody's mind practically perfect it's in all the things you are all your goals and ambitions
I wake up each day and hear About a world that is full of hurt And tears.   People are dying, Children are crying; “The world’s a mess,” they say. “Human beings should just go away.”  
carmel skin that'll make ya knees weak -thats flawless thick hips, lips and thight -thats flawless small waist with a cute -thats flawless southern draw real strong -thats flawless
Every scar has a story Each one making me who I am today Scars that me stronger in a very different way Each one having an impact on me My scars might not be beautiful But they are a part of who I am
Self- image turned to self hate.  Something was dead inside, and no one could relate. They took that piece from you. You were lost; there was a hole.  You hated yourself, you had no home.
Money, I have none
Reserved to unknown Wisdom beyond my years Heir to the throne? I have far too many fears. Mind talking too fast So my heart can’t catch up to it. Throw on a mask to cover my tears
Fat is not beautiful Short is not elegant
I'm short I'm slightly over weight My left hip sits lower than my right and I have to do a jig just to pull my jeans up. I have a crooked smile and a bit of a lazy eye
Bea        uti             full of fragments Bea        uti             full of life, love, lust Bea        uti             full of amusementapologiesaptitude Bea
  We were young and in love We were a fiery passion You were just playing a game You just weren’t that into me  
On this journey I learned to gain confidence, First graduation then college, I have gain more knowledge and went to college, It's better to have brains than beauty, I stand up tall,
Some have their beauty, Others their voice Some have athleticism, Me? I have a choice   The choice to be happy, when faced with grief The choice to smile when pushed to the ground
I am beautiful.My heart is gold.My sprirt is glowing.My attitude is bold.I am beautiful.My compassion is limitless.My intellegence is vast.My love is tenderness.
I am diffrent from others My faults and my flaws.
The dictionary's definition of flawless is without imperfections - perfect. That's a lot to live up to but that's the dictionary's definition. My definition of flawless is someone who tries so hard and never gives up.
We see people everyday who are flawless who are they?  They are the people who walk with confidence in their hand. They are the people who work their curves as a part of them, not as leeches.
Sincere, that's what people tell me. Because I'm honest, and I mean what I say.
Maturity can be seen in many opportunities. Staying classy with an attitude of nasty. Showing off my curves and edges, letting everyone know i have imperfections.  Flashy ring and fancy cars may not be in my future. but atleast im not tortured.
Got out the bed, flawless Fixed my hair, flawless Got dressed, flawless Ate breakfast, flawless
i am a God... now read that again... I am A God, but not the God... I am made in his image and his likeleness... I do not poses all of his powers and ido not control who stays and who goes...
In a society obsessed with perfection It can almost seem we have an infection Infection to have small features Infection to be a glowing, bright-skinned colored creature Infection to have crooked teeth
Young Responsible Educated Kindhearted And Beautiful, Inside AND Out
Isn't it strange that they're dead? Straight, wavy, and curly, they're the hairs on our heads. Short or long, the possibilities are endless, the styles we use to express ourselves.
You are NOT an it.  You are NOT like her. You are NOT me. You are so much more. I wonder why you never quit.
I look in the mirror each day and see  , a strong-willed student gazing at me.
When the term "Hearty Chuckle" comes to mind One might think of a large lumberjack eating a pork rind
  Flawless. Flawless? It simply isn't true.  
I got three legs. I lost one in a brawl I realized as I stood up so shaky I thought I might fall.   Happy, I yap. You had just walked in. And exactly the moment you saw me 
Everyone is unique Different talents, different abilities, different attributes No one is the same Different eyes, different hair, different skin We all have one thing in common, though My generation
Flawless Am I for the Friends I have made Flawless Am I for the Losses I take
They say it all the time. "Keep it together" But what am I keeping together?
Our days are no longer filled with faith and honesty; But with people who seem faceless. We can’t rely on the world and allow them to make up feel worthless;
Journey Toward Success I've always wanted to succeed, To show people what all I can be,
I am not perfect. I am not a model human being. I constantly make mistakes, And that is an inescapable reality. I am reminded of my failures daily. Missed assignments. Missed meals.
What are the guidelines for "good grades"? What is the ideal weight? What is the ideal height? These will be answered in numbers   Numbers do not matter though
Fight, Fight, Fight away the pain. Work till you cant hear the hate in your brain. Saying that your nothing. Saying that your crap.
I am the definition Of a proposition In a commission Between a division Watching the simpsons It’s hard to make a transition But this is where I make a decision I am Not weak
Let me stand out. Let me stand out so I can be me. Because the me that I am, is flawless, and wouldn't change a thing. You may call me names I don't agree with, or labels that I don't accept. Let me stand out and be different.
I am my own person. My choices lead my life. My actions and characteristics define who I am, but my mistakes are learned from and not meant to be held against me.
I am my own person. My choices lead my life. My actions and characteristics define who I am, but my mistakes are learned from and not meant to be held against me.
What makes me flawless? Well simply the fact that I choose to be I’m not looking for approval from anybody but me   I’m an individual I have my own thoughts and my own mind
Nothing is more flawless than being flawed.
At eighteen years old, I am flawless.
So what if your thighs touch when your feet are aligned?   So what if your hair isn't the longest or the prettiest color?  
I see how people are self-conscious How people try to be confident I see how society brings us down How people say hurtful things
Why am I flawless? let me tell you, I think of myself as a repair man people are constantly ridiculing those who are different They are to short, tall, fat, skinny in the eyes of the ridiculer
Perfect sunkissed moonlight hides the lines of my imper
I am not flawless Nobody but a fool says they are.   My nails are uneven Because I bite them worrying whether my work’s even
F iery and passionate L ikeable A ctive W ishful L ighthearted E mpathetic  S pontaneous S piritual   ~flawless
My body was my battleground. My skin parted like the Red Sea, and a surge of life came flooding over me. Dusk looked like the bruises on my bones. The war between mind over matter was never ending and some days all I could do was rest.
Something to be heard My voice is something to be heard. It carries soul, passion, and courage. It can be used for good, bad, and ugly.
Hair tied back loosely, face bare but glowing, sweat dripping down my back I feel the most flawless running running straight towards my problems I feel empowering and strong like a warror princess
Life is green, Ivy shining in the light,
  Deep within the misty darkness,
Be flawless, don't hate. No flaws means to be perfect; Is perfection real?
The amount of times I have changed my major: six. Dabbling in covalent bonds, criminal justice, printmaking, international affairs, youth and nonprofit leadership, the list goes on.
I am a goddess of perceptual beauty woven by my own intricacies;  a tapestry of feminine familiarity.   I am a goddess of voluptuous curves shaped by motherly hands;
13 years young, I held my head lowFell through some c
There is only one “me” Just one, not three We may share names by simple fate but our varied by history, life, and taste. Everyone is an individual, they are them since birth
To say something is perfect is in its self-flawedPerfection has always been an ideal, a dream that would never become realityWe do our best, though it can’t be achieved actually
It burns like a thousand suns but it does not destroy me instead it fuels me Like a lighthouse It guides my path to a destination called destiny
I’m ginger I’m not afraid to say it My hair is what makes me, me Everyday all day I wake up And I’m ginger
Nobody knows this one thing about me Right here, I am a cancer survivor No please do not run away and flee
I woke up in this body Without any glamour whatsoever Loving myself forever Without idolized beauty Sounding a little bit loopy I woke up in this pattern Without a round tootie
burned 4 Fingers by hitting  my Lamp instead of the snooze button dropped my phone on my cat, earning a huge scratch on my Arm
When all is lost and hope has shed When fear is stron and strength has fled When love and joy decide to leave
Everyone is beautiful, Perfect. Just the way they are. Some might even saw, flawless, I mean, all humans have flaws, But are flaws really flaws when it makes them who they are?
My skin is dark My hair is short I'm beautifully unique my African American me
I look across and see, A person staring back staring back at me. She may call herself ugly, She may tell herself she is weak, But I think she is rather unique, And as strong as one can be.
Flawless, Perfecto, Parfait- A Word so simple, yet poignant, that every tongue on our green Earth has a word to describe its coveted implications.... Every man, woman and child, from every isle 
I’m the girl who is sheltered The one who has no fun I’m the girl who was homeschooled The one who hasn’t won?   High school had so much Tell me I missed out I should have stayed in school
                                  To be a believer, you have to follow your dreams                                                  You have to chase your dreams
I am flawless with my flaws, with my faults, with my past and future. After all, these flaws make me myself. And what are flaws other than ourselves, present as we are? We're not perfect, we never said we are.
Listen to me, oh Muse, and help me tell the story Of the young man with great determination. The one who worked for years on a single goal To turn his belt the darkest of all colors.
Nobody is PerfectI think that's how the phrase goes.The beauty of a personOr the petals on a rose.What makes me flawless
             I'm flawless because I'm flawed. Perfection is always under scruntiny; Pressure to maintain - But I am free to eperiment - To have a bad hair day.               I'm yes because I'm no.
A number on the on continuing time spectrum.  Defying who we are. Pant sizes, class rank, GPA  all these numbers saying where you are. Numbers telling you how pretty you are 
Loud nights, ears closed, doors locked,  tired floors.
The painful words escape her lips Piercing my fragile heart with every word she utters I try to not show the pain but every now and then I slip
Defined colors, Refined colors
One day they might be a turbulent seaWisps of passionate blouse and foamy greensSwirling, raging, trying to capture meTumultuous waters only I’ve seen
Wat i know is the theory of me What i believe in honor in which i see the others in a new light
I woke up like this. I opened my magic, crusty eyes this morning And yawned my genius, stink-breath mouth. I lifted my sleep-heavy body with the strength of lions, Herculean! I woke up like this.
Just do as you do
The boy: Eats alone everyday The girl: Runs to the bathroom between every class The outcast: Doesn’t know why people hate him   They all have stories to tell
Do not ask me a question,Then at my less than quick reply,Mark a zero for participation.
“U-G-L-Y”  “He will forever stay forlorn, and will never make it to the peak” I walk in the vacancy with my heart in my hands, Holding it tight so it wouldn’t fall,
I... am flawless. From the dark, brown dreads that represent the crown on my head, to the white, stylish sneakers tightly laced on my feet, I... am flawless.  I awaken in the morning to encourage my very being,
Why am I flawless?
I woke up like this  I woke up like this Flawless  what is flawless you say its me through  the acne and the sressing of school  throgh toght time and good time I am flawless 
    108,000 steps or 54 miles until they reached the unknown The goal was always freedom but would it be on the other side? Freedom to express your voice, to be heard , to be seen
And I have been here before. And I have done this before.   And I can tell you, This is right.  
When I was a child I wanted to fly I would squeeze my eyes closed and try:  it always went awry.  
I am perfectly flawed From my head to my toe Im not perfect and no one is But I know my worth   And I'm proud of who I am and of what I do
I'm coming home and the trip from work feels good
Did I wake up like this? Did I work hard for this? I did both.   Waking up, the first task of the day. Motivating myself day in  day out.   Working hard,
When I sleep, I dream. When I wake, I stumble. In the summer, I work. In the winter, I cuddle.   Listening to music, I am the lead singer. Watching a movie, I'm running for my life.
When I was little  I was too friendly; always talking to strangers And my parents were afraid that a dark man Would take me away and I would never be seen from again Only what they didn't know -- 
I gaze curiously upon those around me As I wonder where their life journeys have taken them I long to reach out To inquire about their worries, Loves, hopes, dreams All the things that combine
  The metamorphosis from a chasm of doubt to noting my pure beauty Was the first thing that altered when I chose to unveil my eyes from false pretenses.
"I woke up like this,"My favorite singer said."I woke up like this,"The words ring in my head.What makes me flawless?What makes me perfect?I work hard, I play hard,but always remain studious.
When no one else sees it, when no one else hears it, when no one feels it; THIS LITTLE BRAIN OF MINE does. Through thick and thin, thoughts lost, and emotions gone; THIS LITTLE BRAIN OF MINE is there to find them.
I am one of the Flawless, The ensemble of ladies and gentlemen, Who choose to be lighthearted and humble,
I don't wake up to be flawless
I know I'm flawless, I could assume.      I aim to do others, impress.  At best I'd fill them with "Fl
Short, wavy , black hair Beauty marks here and there. Small eyes,thin lips, Little waist , wide hips,
Working hard at school to get good grades Then home to do homework until my eyes fade Going to work and staying til closing time Clean up the dishes after dinner to make sure everything is fine
Impossible is but a word in the mind,
Flawless a term of perfection. A definition of popularity, often overused.  But to define myself as  Flawless I address my flaws. I am  a million voices.
Inside her lilac blanket she weeps in fear of the future to come Inside her mind the gears never stop, forever in thought of her imperfections Inside her heart in beats so loudly, from the sickening caffeine addiction
What makes us flawless? What makes us unique? What makes us strong? The answer is simple you see Our flaws make us flawless Just you wait and see As you grow, you flaws make you complete
I’m late nights and messy hair.                   Long walks to n  o  w  h  e  r  e                                                                                 Sailing ships on empty seas.
Flawless is never quitting, It's never giving up on what you need, It's never settling for second best, It's knowing that you're not like the rest.   Flawless is being able to do the impossible,
Looking back on my past now, three days before turning eighteen,I realize how sad I really was and how angry I had beenthat society was obsessed with all things material. 
my secret weapon  my calves moving me  forward 
When I was a child, all I could do was dream. I played with toys and watched TV. I thought of magical lands, roaring seas. I was carefree: this was a common theme.   This lasted far too long.
The word flawless is thrown around and I'm not one to be touched on easily. If you want to make my eyes wide and my jaw drop then call me improbable or delicate because those words are true.
Scars on my hands from the kitchen knife mishap,  cat-related incidents like claw marks or the time the cat food 
Why am I flawless. This poem can end here because I can simply just say I'm flawless because I'm me. But, I don't want to leave you with any curiousity, so, here's why I'm flawles.
Dear Guadalupe,
A man of wisdom and everlasting truth  If I was there, Sir, I would have yelled "Don't shoot!" 
I am totally the shit, and this was wrote to prove it. I usually wear t-shirts and jeans, and it shows I like to eat my proteins.   Told I look just like Channing Tatum
Beauty is misconstrued in the eyes of society, The unrealistic standard gives women anxiety. Resemblance of Barbie dolls and models are expected, Otherwise women are condemned and disrespected.  
I am not flawless. I have flaws. But I try to live my life lawless,  break down my walls.
When perfection is plastic, and beauty is pain, And personality is viewed as a crutch, The world is construed, and I am so proud
My dear I ask what is wrong with me? Why is that they laugh? I've stripped myself, I've made it clear, I've taken on their path Still they mock, still they cluck Like I am such a fool
I killed the glass and the girl gilded in gold. I watched as the pieces rained in the cold.   Snow coats her lashes, blood on her lips, sifting to ashes, around me to drift.  
i am confident i am beautiful i am trutful i am repected i am kind i am caring i am ahletic i am unique i am flawless not because of my apperance
Remember to be kind You musn't hit boys You can't wear pants Only boys wear pants Young lady, cross your legs Always smile and be sweet Girls are made of sugar
I am a flower. I am beautiful an strong but when I was a seed, I never thought I would've grown to be as tall or smell as sweet as the other flowers.
Four walls and a register ....That never fails to show me...it's inner most partsFlawlessTis truly a wondrous form of captivationMechanical contemplation...
You need relief from reality. You take the pain as though a cue, To start consuming everything possible, Because the pain’s consuming you.   You need relief from the hurt.
I wouldn't change a thing about the world Because if it wasn't for the curelness I wouldn't have been the beautiful woman I am today I wouldn't say I'm flawless to the eyes that lay on me
"Wear pretty clothes." they said. So I did. Some I felt fat in, some I felt uncomfortable. "Try some eyeliner." they said. So I did. It looked awkward; I felt unnatural.
I am Flawed People are Flawed  Thats nothing to be ashamed about If you don't learn from your Flaws and try to make yourself better then you should be ashamed Recognizing my Flaws makes me Flawless
I look at me and I see scars I look at me and I see fright I look at me and I see exhausten Do I truely see  Or am I blind Can I really see I thought I was ugly I thought I was trash
I am FLAWLESS My imperfections are what make me so perfect..
  To tell you that I am flawless, would be a lie.
I was cut out of my mother's womb A sharp, straight, deep cut
I am not perfect. Mistakes are my best friend, So I practice saying sorry. Awkward was a word made just to describe me, So I keep my head down. I laugh at the wrong times,
From womb to tomb to soon to assume the latter part  the past few years of my life could seem rather dark factor in all the things that seem to be an after thought it makes me feel like I can still rise after all
I remember when I used to hate myself. I remember I couldn't look in the mirror without seeing a monster. I used to cry myself to sleep, hide myself when with friends.
I am flawless because of my acne I am flawless because of my awkward facial hair I am flawless because of my crooked pinky I am flawless pretty much everywhere My flaws don't define me
As I walk through school I see the things that I wish that I could be, There goes the girl with the free spirit, There goes the preppy and popular, There goes the valedictorian,
To be flawless is to shield away, the people who think it's okay, to make me feel THIS way. To be flawless is to take my fears, turn them into shears,
My face isn't good until I cover it with Maybelline The way my hair grows isn't what's seen in the magazines My nose is too big But my eyes are too small I'd be better off if I just changed it all
Every morning is a checklist Making curls that appear effortless Eyes that are bright, big, bold Lashes stretched and curled—controlled
My skills are above all can see It will make you blind like that time I stole your ring.
Some call is porcelain,
Alone and lost, the hearts of small innocent children. Pain lay in thier tear-filled eyes. What did they ever do to deserve this? Cruel was the man who abused them, Cold was his heart, and bullied was his mind.
She watches   you in the dressing room mirror, suck in you stomach. She sees you frown as she sits on the ground,
I am Facetious
I am a perfect imperfection. Flawless I am. I am my own simple selection. Flawless out of nothing to somehing like bam .   I am unique in my own way. Be who you are.
I possess an open mind, One with which I greet each day. A frown, scarcely found upon my face, Posiive attitudes are here to stay. Its my perfections that make me pefect,
I've heard it said sticks and
She's a weed among many the only difference  is her timing  while others are blooming 
Judge me by my size, i've had it with these magazine lies.
Flawless,that can’t be true.What’s good for me,may not be for you. Let me tell you about flawless…Flawless is flawed.It is dented and scratched,bent and broken.
Society By: Claudia Hauslauer My young sister asked of me why all these models are so skinny. I had no choice but to reply this is what society wants us to be.
Beyonce is flawless because she has grown to stop trying to please everyone I'm flawless because I like to learn. I'm flawless because I like to sing, even if it doesnt sound like Queen B.
Her hair sits flat,
1-2 I sweep my shoes 3-4 I let someone else open my door 5-6 I take about 300 pics 7-8 I take those in 1 day 9-10 Cheeeeese! With 1 dimple and a grin
What makes me flawless are my own flaws and mistakes There is no better way to learn than to fail My biggest quality is my persistency Wich I wouldn´t have if I hadn't failed before
Changing colors like the leaves Absorbing light and scenes with ease These eyes see with clarity The deeds of others.   Reflecting in the mirror you see Flecks of brown and speckles of green
I am one of the most flawed people I know But this is a good thing, as I will now crow To be flawless is to be flawed, perfection is ruin And to be flawed is to be flawless, this is being human
I will never be you, And you will never be me, We may not always be right, But we are perfect, Not in the sense of the  right body, the right face, the right mind,
I see her staring at me Both picking out each others flaws wondering how it could be Thinking about society laws on beauty wishing I could withdraw. I stare at her picking out every beauty mark;
Since that day my mother left to meet the king Standing alone has been my thing   As I grow older I become more on my own The strength in me has become well known  
I'm on the smaller end of the scale I'm told I could be a model I don't want that I don't want to be seen as "perfect"   I'm on the smaller end of the scale I'm told how pretty I am
Just because I am a woman does not mean I will not fight.   The inside of my thighs are curved and speckled with little tiger marks. They are mountains seen from above, they are the nature within me.
It is cold out,
I never love half-heartedly, Helping those around me kindly. The flames of niceness burn bright, And for that I will not be contrite. Caring strongly is not a weakness;
Although you can clearly see my physical beauty; well most you…..some of you might. But real gentlemen say my best features and sensational beauty is out of sight!
Everywhere corner of this crowded room is filled with images of photoshopped beauties. Every rack is covered with girls who drown in perfection. Every man by their side is sculped by angels.   
I am flawless from my head to my toes.I can get the beat and groove like nobody knows.I can rock it, I can shake itMy bank account can't break it. 
Puzzle pieces are different shapes, They are each a unique individual. Each one alone may look strange,
I weigh 100 pounds am i pretty now?  I spent hundreds of dollars on beauty products, screw that!  I read magazines and put cucumbers on my eyes to reduce swelling, can you believe that?  I look in the mirror and don't entirly feel my best, we sho
I look at myself in the mirror.
Everyone is created perfect
In person I am a wallflower  Introverted, doing my best to go unnoticed Keeping to myself and a book because that's where I find comfort  Saving the world, falling in love One page at a time  
I am strong independent, and willing. I  have so many good things about me that make me "flawless" but   but im not flawless.
No one person is flawless as a person I am certainly not flawless as a person But I am flawless as myself I am the most myself my self can be Do I have flaws that make me a not-so-flawless person? Yes.
I'm like the girl from Frozen only I don't like the cold My whole body feels like it is going to explode I hide my shame with gloves and shaky reassurance Because all I seem to have left is endurance
I am a flower. 
Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar open a map and you open me a view I can’t help but dream doesn’t even cover the amazing feeling that thrills through my fingers as
The faces, the bodies, the power is out there.
I wake up, silence. The earth applauds. My very life-meaningful. It has a cause. I breathe, I feel. I am existing. Lights, cameras, who needs them? I make myself who I am. Fame and glory? Just words overused. Respect is the real reward.
Scared That was the only word to describe it Scared Scared of living Scared of not living Scared of failure   Triumph that is the new word.
The Flawless Me! I’m not very tall, nor am I athletic,I’m not the smartest or the most clever,Some may say I have no personality at all!
Known by the shadows I krept with them wherever I went. I clung to them, and to the darkness they gave me.
"You're so rough, The way you speak, The way you hold yourself."   I am not soft and sweet, lipgloss and gossamer, lace and vanilla.   No, I am not.  
they say loner - wierdo - freak. i say independent - creative - unique. they say her appearance offends. i say she doesn't hide and pretend. they say
Pick yourself apart. You won't look at yourself as a whole. You will detect every flaw. You refuse to embrace every stunning compliment. You desire to
I'd rather my mirror speak truth than lies When a reflection meets my eyes Rather be an elder at my final hour Than a newly sprouted flower Better to be tattered and worn Than word left unsworn
Ten years of Anxiety's stuttering tongues, fast shaking hands, and numbing of lungs, did much more damage than I'd ever thought.
For as long as i can remembe
When I wake up, I'm flawless, After I brush my teeth, I floss it Floss my teeth and my swag because being flawless always makes me happy not sad I wear jeans and sweats with a shirt and hat
A woman so amazing, Perfect in every way, With such a beautiful smile, That can lighten up any man
I cannot fathom How some people cannot see Their worth. Which is ironic because Every time I look in the mirror I feel worthless.   But oddly enough, When I look at others
Embrace your individuality. No one gets to define who you areL Love what you love without worrying about judgement. Take pride in what makes you different. Afterall individualtiy divides you from the rest.
I am alive I have survived What the Earth Has thrown at me   I exist I can fight Even with all That ails me   I am gay And that’s okay I have blue hair
It’s not about the skin tight dress or sky high heels, It’s not even about how that silly boy makes you feel. When I wake up in the morning, My hair’s a mess, acne all over, and that breath comes out with no warning.
If I knew what I know now, Things would be way different then they are now, no lien, no cheating, no stealing, just love, and more love in the air when it comes to people around me they down me, some people even call me ugly ,fat or just mean mug
Please, do not mistake my careful acquiesce for a lack of will. As nice of a girl as I may be, I am not weak. My backbone is strong enough to carry the weight of the solar system.
I am flawless by the way i walk and the way I talk. I like to be different. That is the way I was taught. I care not for the fashion trends. But what is within.
I'm flawless Lawless A rebel with a cause I show promise Prowess My drive does not pause   And I'm lightning Tightening My grip around my dreams It's enlightening
Play me like a piano Let your fingers glide over my keys Strike a chord Resounding and clear Make music that everyone can hear   Write a melody And play of me a song
I am flawless because I know that I am not perfectI understand that perfection is unnecessary, unattainable, and unentertainingI am flawless because I am real
I am flawless, not because im perfect, but because I'm me. I walk with confidence and show just that. I am flawless. I smile because there's no reason not to. I am flawless. I persue greatness when everyone fails to. I am flawless.
I am a Natural Beauty
I'm not like the other girls, I don't cake on makeup,  I don't wear dresses and skirts, I don't need to. 
The crookedness in my teeth the nappiness of my hair, Flawless. The sloucheness in my walk,
I was made from young, naiive, sin
I am not oh-so-beautiful I am no princess in truth I haven't a drop of royal blood Nor silver save my filled tooth   Perhaps one may overlook me Give me not a chance
Perfection. Beautiful. Flawless. Astounding. Ugly. Imperfect. Horrid. Worthless. We grab these labels off of others we see and stick them to ourselves. They build us up and rip us down.
I'm a statue With no value
lights switch on time to get up half-awake i see myself quit my dreaming suit and pull on the uniform it is not only for school not only for code
I most def
I am kind and very shy Don't ask why If you'll just stand by To watch me suffer From the things I offer Without consideration I know i shouldn't dwell I just want acceptance and recognition
  Sometimes I stay up all night and feel my stomach Feel the stretched skin, the scarred skin My beautiful skin I stay up all night and count every beauty mark as if they were stars  
I never saw this as a problem I never thought it would be
It takes a lot of patience To be a girl like me. To work so hard for lots of things That my friends all get for free   It takes a lot of courage To be a girl like this
I grew up in a world, el mundo, le monde, of seven billion people.  Everyday this number grows and grows and trust me it shows and shows.  From the depleted renewable resources,
This feeling that's inside of me, So deep. So dark. So hllow. Makes it hard for me to breathe, To hear. To see. To swallow.   This need for something I can't have. For joy. For hope. For love.
I brush my foundation on making sure I look flawless I choose my shade of blush to place across my cheek I meticulously fill in my eybrows I concentrate on the winged tip at the end of my eyes
Beauty is in the detail  Not the retail More than a pretty face Why can't you tell?   The shallowness of your eyes sees my disguise The outer me So when our friendship is tested, 
A fleeting glance, One last chance To make it right, To forgive with all your might.   Inhale slowly, letting the light sink in. Living with all of the guilt and sin.  Feeling the darkness,
I really wish I could go back in time. That way I could fix everything,
Mom says I’m amazing Dad praises my conviction My boyfriend tells me I’m beautiful My sister envies my empathy Nana commends my kind heart Grandpa applauds my success My friends value my trust
Flawless is not a thing for humans. Flawless is a thing for gods. And that's okay. I am human and I am real. I am not flawless. I am not a god. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't love me like you love your gods.
Nothing left to do but try. Focusing, traveling through the thoughts in my mind, discarding some and grabbing at others. Looking past the pages into the desk, into the floor, into the darkness of the earth.
Being flawless is impossible
Listen. You are as beautiful as you say you are. so do me a favor and look in the mirror. and love yourself unconditionally.
I am beautiful, I am fine, I am kind. I am naturally blonde, Pansexual, a straight A college student, and genderqueer. I am beautiful, I am fine, I am kind.
If I don't let it ring out, It'll be lost in the past now. See, to revise the script and revive it,  That's a shot in the dark real quick. Being the next in line is real slick Given that I'm the best now
one is one even when it's two, combining the mind to smile which is what counts. Happiness is within action, and it is earned. If you think it is easy then you will burn. Live and learn, with love and concern.
Not perfect. Not by any means. Just walking with a purpose to fulfill my dreams. I stride with these small steps. Pride in every breath. Standing tall at 5foot2. I dare you to ask the question... "who are you?"
I do not hate people I love everyone. I have unique tastes Tastes that make myself one of a kind. I don't care about how I look But I care about how I act. I act in such a way
I am the girl who won't strike up a conversation. The one who sits quietly in the classroom, wishing someone would be her friend. I am the girl who walks alone. The one no one bothers to say hello to.
My flaws make me flawless. My freckles, usually covered by makeup, are beautiful. My natural hair, a genetic mutation, is beautiful. My curves, or most would say extra weight, are beautiful.
I empathize greatly with the Lady of Chalot; "The curse has come upon me." But I will struggle,  brave little soul I am.  Just don't suppose you will enjoy it. 
Uncertain, fearful, questionable one- The unmistakable beauty of your heart shines through.  Listen to only the positve voices And know that the others speak out of only jealously.  
I am a flawless, Ever changing, Work of art. I live my life differently Than others.  
Flawless Is that a thing? When I look down I see a disproportioned girl When I look in the mirror I see an unsatisfied girl When I look into my eyes, I see an empty, sad, and lonely girl.  
I wake up, I look in the mirror and I see this beautiful girl staring back at me. I look at my waist, my belly, my thighs, twice the size of my friends who brag about not eating at lunch
The desire for flawless beauty has taken over the world. Almost all that the media shows, perfect tall beauties with nary a flaw.
Every morning I wake up to this face The face  of my father The face of my mother It's my face, not that of another   I have my father's eyes I have my mothers cheeks I have the manly chin
The makeup I wear Hides the flaws on the outside. I figure the less I look like me, The less I have to hide.   So I add wings to my eyes, Like a bird in midflight And red to my lips,
A heart like mine
"Worthless: (adj) 1.
I have learned to love these curves As a rollercoaster to my body. The more curves, The more exciting, Because no one likes a ride, That only goes straight.   Glide your hands over the curves
It's not in the way that her hair shines on a bright sunny day It's not in the way her body curves or even how much she weighs And it's not in the way she dresses herself Or even the the things she may say
  I'll choose the frizzy, curly hair over permantely straightening it any day. I don't wanna lose the beautiful hair I've been given.  The days when I wake up with bags under my eyes,
The only flaw is that you are flawless.  You are flawless with the bruises and cuts that mar your skin.
                                                                                                                         My skin complexion you may hate  
I am a body of water Stretching far and wide Beyond and away From my shores, to some unknown Place And my body is the water It rolls and ripples And my mind is the water Calm and glassy
Imperfect   Nursed by society to only think “thin”. Was taught by aging and time to despise my own skin In a society that makes me cringe, Where growing up nobody wins.
I used to wake up flawedand put my heart on a shelfthinking I had to make room"There's no room to love yourself."
I see your wisdom before I see your age I see your personality before I see the color of your skin I see your attitude before I see the religion you practice I see your ability before I see your gender
the history in my eyes, the tears left on my cheaks. they are full of the stories, I'd rather not repeat. not because i'm ashamed, or scared of what you might think. but because God has given me,
Flawless, A word most known by a simple song, made famous by a confident woman. But what makes me, a normal teenage girl, Flawless? Is it my golden brown hair? No. Is it my bright blue eyes? Not at all.
  Flawless is born in my thighs that stretch wide and thick 
To understand me you must start from the tips of my size 12 feet Stretch five feet and eight inches and the top of my head you’ll meet My scrawny legs to larger thighs The look too strange together to abide
I am fire. Relentless. Feared. Powerful beyond measure. I am the night sky. Wonderful. Mysterious. Expanding infinitely into oblivion. I am the sun. Brilliant. Fierce.
A Place of Admiration There is a place that is admired by many People go there for help, and they go there for fun It is a place of loyalty and determination
Round perfect edges That is what they all want Smile when you should Laugh on queue   Hair done just right Not a stray in sight Small waist Round curves All they desire  
It's going to be hard you know. I know. You'll probably pay student loans until you're fifty. I know. These classes you want to take are rigourous. I know. Housing isn't free you know. I know.
Here’s som
I forgive. I forgive you even when your the last person who deserves my forgiveness. Because that's what I do. My heart is bigger than a boulder. The weight.
I have great hair.  Think, wildly curly, just-right highlights, down-to-there hair Some people don't really get it, they ask "why not straighten it?" "why not thin it out?" They don't really get
The beginning of us
What about the boy at school Who alway sits alone Becaus people think he's too weird Yeah,
I was born this way No doubt about that I will forever be this way And you can count on that I appreciate my curves and all my edges My pimples and blemishes too
I am black, but not a nigger I refuse to be that See I was born in love with skin With every hue and all cracks
I will no longer bow down to body shaming
It was once something beautiful. The body itself used to be treated as a temple. The outside of it had a dark chocolate, polished wood glow. The inside was dainty, an antique. It was priceless.
All that I can see Is that what god gave to me works perfectly
I hear the alarm I look up and it's 5:00 in the morning, I snooze, I need shower but what's the point, I am not trying to impress anyone, I can go without perfume No more flashy clothes, no more jewelry,
They say... A little less fat, a little more exercise A little less sweat, a little more deoderant. A little less mess, a little more hairbrush. A little less hair, a little more razor.
She looks into the honest, fogged mirror And she sees a person she’s proud of She sees the deep lines stretched upon her forehead Symbolizing the wisdom of her old age She sees the dark circles hugging her eyes
Flawless andPerfectThat is what we all aim to be,To be considered unblemished by society,but I know for a fact thatthat will never be me.
Flawless you say? Yes thats me.From the time I wake up till my eyes put me to sleep.My name is flawless with a little extra gain.Give me a second and let me expain.
I am a member of a judgemental society who believes that beauty is the underlying cause to happiness but when a beautiful woman tries to further her happiness with education
T is what they call me Cheer is life 
1When I first saw Sleeping Beauty and I longed for you to be like herFlat, still, blond… Almost deadI was five years old and I wanted you to be dead-like2
It can be pushy. It tells me that I will never be good enough, It tells me to suck in, stand up straight, smile. It knows all your little flaws. It makes fun of you for you imperfections.
I don't wear a size two I don't have clear skin I don't have the longest hair It shouldn't matter, but to society it does   I want to shut out the voices of society 
“But still beautiful…”   Every day I wake up,Breathing life into my system.Inhaling the wonders a new day. A day that’s going to break me down,Tear me aroundAnd show me just how flawed I am.
They call me Simmie;
Hi,  I Slept Under A Bridge Last Night. No, I'm not homeless, I did it to see was my Family really Family If Friends were really Homey's  It was bait on the rod that I threw out
It takes a lot of thought, to compete in this competitionpondering, pondering, pondering, if I should even submit my submissionbut I think I have what it takes, so please give it a good listen
I am Beauty, I am Grace. I am the Sunshine In this wonderful, beautiful place.   There is jelly in my thighs, And jiggle in my step.  My belly hangs low, And my plate is always full.
The bright lights shine and the euphony of the band begins.
I give my all. I do not fall. When times require me to make a call, I am tough.   When you ask about why I am flawless, It is because i am dauntless. I do not fear trials. Fearless.
I do not believe in high heels  I cringe at dresses. But I do love when my eyeliner flicks perfectly on both eyes. Eyeshadow hurts my eyes and I am allergic to face makeups.
when the emotion dripped from my fingertips without 
Woke up like this? I didn’t wake up like this. Got my nails done, hair done, Just trying to get my job done.   I don’t need Gucci bags and Michael Kors watches. I don’t need Beats
To be who I am is no easy task
Each day I wake I flip on my phone in search of reality untattered by edits unfiltered by filters why the mask  who are we hidding why cant we see  the person abiding
I will like meEven though for yearsBut for what felt more likeA millenniumI thought I was a mistake
When I fall, some might see a failed attempt, But that’s not what I think. I know how not to do it And so I try again And again and again And again Until I find the glitch, or get it right.
Numbers that hurt, numbers that judge Like digits on scale, marks on tape Sewn on a tag, printed on a sticker Numbers we hide, that we dare not share.   But numbers with pride, numbers we earn
I am from bright colored apron's from williams Sonoma and Andrew Zimmem.
Yesterday Mistakes and regrets Left scars upon my skin and my heart The past is unmistakably
“You walk funny.” These words have plagued my school experience. No one knows the reason behind this walk, They don’t know that my muscles don’t work and I’m slower than the rest
I am perfect. I am flawless.
Here I am.  An open book.
There are things you can’t perfect in a person.
Lack of confidence that is your immortal enemy No one doubts yourself more than you Somehow you cannot outrun these thoughts They are just there Ready to kick you when you are down
As bare as a freshly constructed beat  A song in the beginning stages  No auto tune, no mastering  Listen to my song, this here is me    Couldn't walk until I was 3 
When the 8 year old girl starts dressing herself as she has seen models on magazines, that's how you know what society has done wrong. When she looks up to others for fashion "inspiration" 
More than just a pretty little face  No desire to sit on front pages  Or strut across pageant stages  Her drive catwalks into the room first Confident she stands tall, no heels on 
All is calm and still like an untroubled pool of water.
When you see me you think you know me from what I present myself to be or what I think you would like to see  of me of who I "want to be"  with hashtags and filters and make ups and cover
My jeans are not size 0 I have train tracks across my teeth In front of audiences, my stomach becomes a loud dryer with sneakers in it I cry dramatically with tears drowning my face and soaking my shirt
Depression stunned me. Altered and changed, The Perception of my mind. 
Beauty A word that holds much meaning yet is all based on perspective. The view of this world can be seen in magazines - VS angels and the Kardashians. They’re worshipped and adored
I am five-foot-one and one hundred and eighty-nine pounds.
There she was, Standing from a distance, A light emitting from her soul, She seems small, But, indeed she is large, Inspiring as she is, A light she enjoys passing to others,
Sometimes I think about that long summer day with my golden skin and that natural hair I was too comfortable in and I thank myself for allowing me to be free even if it was just me and a mirror in an unconditioned room.
I am not the scared person That I used to be. I’m stronger than that. I always was. And the day I refused, To bow down to fear, Was the day I became myself. It was screaming like a monkey,
I see pictures from middle school,  pimples, plump cheeks, people staring at my quiet demeanor.  I was not happy with myself.  I would look in the mirror and wonder why I was the way I was.  Then one day, 
Without all the makeup I am me, I am beautiful.
Fancy clothes, all the boys, all the shoes. Yes Girl. That sounds like the dream, everything you need materialistic things. You're so heartless it stings. Yes Girl
the dawn of a day often brings light but the dawn of this day only brings insecurity  
Brittle and Bones but Dust upon you   Skinny feels Clones  and no one really knows   How Skinny really sounds  the crack and the rip of my Skinny girl moans    The E D is crowned,
This is me and my hair, No, it doesn't have that white girl flow, But why should you care, It's healthy is all you need to know.   Yea, I know my head is nappy, No, stratch that, it has kinks,
Put on the mask.   The mask is worn to rid your fears. You are afraid Of harmful words in a slingshot. You are afraid Of hidden judgement ready to be uncovered. You are afriad
Who defines beauty? And where did they get their degree? Why is it that the "perfect body" evolves with each new, passing trend? Is it a deeply rooted, primal need to fit in? 
With a crooked nose I have strong bones With past woes I wake up with no groans
I wasn’t pretty on the outside (or the inside to be honest)I hid from the people that were only there to helpI cried and shied away from all the great things in lifeI stood in the shadows ‘cause the sun was too bright
Everyone has their flaws I have many of my own   Everyone has advantages that make them who they are   My eyes show my fear My smile shows i'm strong My dreams show i'm hopeful
I can't see through the looking glassTrapped behind my own eyesI recycle pieces of trashTrash that I can't admit resemble my own lifeRecycled trash that is seen as garbageTo eyes not mine.
My patience is flawless. I think firstMy logic secondMy reactions are methodicalAnger is quiet and checked inInside a mental hotel.
She woke up like that, she’s flawless But I woke up disoriented, messy-haired, and a hot mess
I am flawless. I am so flawless...you could say that I am lawless. My feet sweep the streets and keep the people who act aweless. From being in my presence.
My scars are my greatest beauty. They are my greatest flaws, But they are what make me flawless.   Each scar tells a success story, Something I’ve fought And overcome.   Club foot,
Step aside. Everyone look at me. I'm not concieted. I'm just flawless. You should all have the honor to see.   Look out. Here I come. Nothing you can do.
Through out the years a lot of me was filtered out. And it's sad to say, that I have accepted that. and that I grew up that way.   Plenty of me has been sanded off.
Eloquent prose is a filter of mine, Making me look like the sun always shines Behind me, slightly to the right, with my hair always flowing perfectly just right.   I am not who I seem.
Uphill struggles, downhill slides. Rivers flooded with tears I've cried. Silent discussions, countless fears. Faced alone for years and years. Helping hand, from above.
Hold up, take a pic of this
32 pearly soldiers stand tall 32 white warriors guard the crimson life within. Gnashing, crumbling, biting,
A flaw is a mistake That we cant seem to erase You call them accidents Ugly, mistakes, quirks, fouls on the play But to me they are stories told in a play My play
I may not be perfect. I may not be something people imagine anything of. 
I am flawless, for I wake each morning with an open mind. I am flawless, even when the mirror says otherwise. I am flawless; I always have the opportunity to learn something new. I am flawless; my words can move a crowd.
You ask me who I am, I am me. I am short, but I have high expectations. I am little, but I have high goals. I am the only one to listen to those who need to be heard.
A struggle Feeling fine and dandy for a while Suddenly comparing oneself to others And Slipping I should not fret It is my choice I love myself
I run this, yes G-town. No don't be scared cause you see this crown. I'm bossed up with confiedence. So intelligent, you look pass my radiance. I'm so knowlegeable, it'll make you feel dumb
To be Flawless, You must accept Yourself For who you are And how you look. Everyone is imperfect, Everyone is flawless. We are all amazing in our own way. Be yourself and you are flawless.
Who am I? I am me.  I am strong, proud, happy, yet sad I am flawed but I am perfect. I have green eyes. I have brown hair, naturally at least.  I am amazing. I am sassy, sweet, crazy yet sane 
I am a woman and I will conquer
The movie star with the quirky nose The policeman with the gunshot wound The millionaire with the weakness for chocolate The teacher with the graying roots   The zoo keeper with the allergies
I’m an old book
*/ /*-->*/ A bump on my face
If the artist cannot find her pen, What is she? Then? A girl? Or, simply a human without a purpose or so the world tells her.
2015 will be the year It will be the year I honor and respect my parents It will be the year I love It will be the year I am thankful It will be the year I think before being quick to speak
My flaws make me flawless My failures push me to suceed The struggles I endure The long nights I sat and watched my wrist bleed All my flaws pushed me to proceed On to something better
Life is a roller coaster As life goes up and down The one thats make it steady Is someting i can control School work
Life is a roller coaster As life goes up and down The one thats make it steady Is someting i can control School work
twirling, spinning
I as a person am not a conversion.
Beautiful and strong a queen can find this from within. No matter your size tall, thick, or slim. Beauty is what you make it, it cannot be defined. You are your own self-motivator, and you are one of a kind.
The thing about flawless It doesn't exist everyone tries to hide their flaws its impossible many thought I was flawless but they didn't know the real me no one knows the mistakes I have made
Her eyes Grass and leaves and earth Lily pads and ice and sea   Her hair Light and sand and gold Sun and glimmer and fire   Her smile  Small and fragile and soft 
Hello again, my old friend. A hair out of place, a flaw to defend. Why do we do this? Why do we try? Oh, yes, that’s right. In this world of give and take, It’s do or die.
Follicles on my brown strands Never connected to the power source eyes and ears, see and hear I couldn't revive what I once knew in here.   New in here? No, I'm not new 
Lip-stick, high heels, hot curling iron ready to go, oh I wish that you would know,
She dreams of the Heavens and the Stars. She wakes up with her mental scars.   She gets out of her empty bed She feels an ache in her head,   She closes her eyes
Beyond this skin is a soul. A soul that is more than generic terms like: pretty, cute, and sexy.  I have a soul that was made by the celestial gods.  They sang hymns and I came into being. 
My body is like the Grand Canyon
  Once upon a time, Alice looked through the looking glass. A casual glance,
Sure I have some extra fat that is not where my heart is at. Flawless beyond compare my love I'll spread everywhere. Ridicule I've endured, they think it's an illness that can be cured,
They say:
Doubts rip through my mind Leaving nothing but the Smoldering ruins of whom I once was in its wake. A shadow of who I was Begins to emerge from The ruins. Ash filled smoke 
I wake up and I know me
No, I did not just wake up like this, I was created and I was born like this.  I'm perfectly imperfect. Not caring what the others do, Its up to me, all that I do,
Don't you worry  you are flawless not a speck nor fleck caressing your bony cheeks the fissures of your parietal lobe quite exquisite in form the jawline structure superb in every way
I am made Entirely of flaws But make No Assumptions     I am still PERFECT   I am the goddess of my own domain With the ability to change the world
I'm flawless because I'm different, I don't follow. I'm not that girl that wears what everyone else is,
His absence in my life is making my heart ache, 
I stare at my reflection
Surely there have been stranger things, Than to scale the stairs of high towers; To miss the chance of being kings, For a secluded tryst of few hours.   Undoubtedly there have been stranger things,
My name is Ozymandias, king of kings! I lord over the great power which create myself: of muscle, tendon, skin, bone
Flaws do not exist because I am strong. Legs, arms, but mostly mind. Acing tests or acing serves calls for vigor. Winning requires stregth, too.
Sick and broken is what they thought So far gone they thought I couldn’t be taught But here we are twelve years later Alexandra stands taller, smarter, and greater
I am just me the only me there should be I am more then pretty but not to vain
This poem that I have written was inspired by the song Flawless by the band MercyMe Misunderstood in a fragmented society... Flawless held within the heart is significantly a part of myself. 
Fear not the doubter, the dissenter, Let your creativity flow! Allow your muse to wonder, With an unobstructed show. Listen not to those who hinder, Everything that makes you grow.
My Path Society is dumb Got boys and girls feeling numb I just know I’m not one
I look in the mirror and what do I see?A girl that's too skinny looking at meSo I go and I eatAnd I gain a little weight
My eyes open the same way every day and they react to the light that filters through my curtains. My hair has a natural curl and it's shiny with vitamins and whatever else is in conditioner.
The light that shines From the inside out It's beautiful-I have no doubt I see your light It's not like mine It's brighter, stronger All the time Can you see my dulling glow?
I'm not some dumb young girl who'd turn against her best friend
I am flawless. My hands show wear and tear from the work I have done. I reach them out to everyone I know, I go everywhere they need me to go. I am respectful, as I do what they say.
You are not perfect but you have amazing things about you
Don't hide beneath the make-up, embrace the beauty that is natural. The bumps arising that I pop, creating all these dark spots.
I am beautiful  I scream to the sky  I am beautiful  I scream, no deny.   Then the sky turns grey  Here they come I think  To decieve to lie  And to hurt me.   
Im thoughtful tonight again.  Idk if it is the seclusion or the wine. I just cant help but ask myself do I really want this. Do I really want anything. Maybe I want everything. But I am a machine. A product of my environment and experiences.
I am a beautiful black girl. I was born with beautiful kinky hair.  I walk on beautiful thick thighs and I see through beautiful brown eyes.
Some not all can see, But we all have flaws don't we? Flawless is not me.
I am wishy-washy. Not the wish-wash of a washing machine, but the wish-wash of water. Fluidity is a beautiful thing.   It is unreliable though, that fluidity, Too fluid.
Oh how others might see me with judgmentalness or mockery towards me, but in my Lord and my God, Jesus Christ who is with me always, I can overcome    With his glory, righteousness, and flawlessness,
Two months ago, as I stared at my skin in the mirror, I asked myself why. They told me it would be hard, they told me the side effects might be harsh, but they never told me my disease would make me die.
Flawless is an image that people want us to create.  A way for all of us to find a way to sedate, these feelings inside of true hate and remorse.  Which is why I try and scream, but it just comes out all hoarse.  This idea is just a way to try an
Accepting. Powerful. Integrity. Looking in the mirror these are the words I see in me I See a Queen The warmth of her soul equally coheres to the fire in her eyes
Misconceptions of color began  with veins.   I heard they ran a shock of blue as cold  as my lips when they touched my last lover, but the anger I felt during the fallout of 
Taught how to grow and always do right Taught about the world and what we sought Kept close to home and kept safe Shown the wonder of each passing day   Waiting for my chance to be my own,
There is a small voice
I walk the halls among 3
a fierce dedication to the constant dream to obtain the little things by any means seperates me from everyone else in a way I try quite hard to uphold because average is a simple constant anyone could find themselves in but to push past mental bo
I am flawless because I have had people to help me rise above. I am flawfless because I push myself to become a better person. I am flawless because I have passion for life. I want other people to be as flawless as I am.
Complacency  will be the death of me, Admonished by life's many things. As I regain my fallen feet this fallen world has timed my beat- The bleeding of my heart.
I don’t bow down I stand up straight and proud Some say it’s an ego Some call me a diva Ring the alarm because I don’t care if what I will please ya I’m a girl on a mission Girl with a mind
Perfect and Normal, hand and hand, Neither exists at all. Try to gain one, try to gain both, Try and you will fall. How could there be a normal? No one is the same! How could someone be perfect?
Break out of the shackles of society, Go where no one has gone before, Go strong and be sure,
I used to see all my imperfections as hold ups, yet he has always seen me as flawless. The longer he loves me, the more I begin to view things as he. I am beginning to see myself as he sees me.
I'm bout that B, town coming coming down
    Middle school, 7th grade.  When you think you have everything in the bag, something changes. It gets taken away, out of know where. 
I woke up today To the sun rising high above When I think about the natural aspects of a flower or a dove It makes me think of why they are the way they are   The concept of being is hard to grasp
I am perfect because: I am creative, I am compassionate,
Risen have i from my mind maybe my sould  
I arise with the sun, and shake free my wild mane.
I was told to write about An aspect of myself that is worthy of Respect And admiration. But I say, Every part of me Is more than worthy. I may not always seem The kindest.
 Flawless but not perfect, thinking my skin isn't worth it, I have flaws like every other human being,  like i'm not even from this planet, to them i'm a creation never before seen,  But the pain gets deeper day by day, 
Ready Aim Shoot Take a glance The shot came out clean Open it up Fast editing No undo Years of practice All for this moment The perfect shot
Scrutiny. That's the world I would use to embody a mirror. Not vanity, or beauty, or even reflection. But scrutiny. 
ACEs Adverse Childhood Experiences Not one, not two, but experiences
"Just because I don’t wear the most lavish clothes does make me imperfect. Even though I don’t talk like you doesn’t mean I’m not worth it.
"True believers are a dime a dozen," the old crow used to say. "What's there to believe?" the young colt always asks. "God is the answer," the immovable turtle proclaims.
"Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics;
What makes me flawless is the color of my skin They try to determine it by the texture of my hair And simply not by the person with in I am perfectly flawed into a flawless perfection  
In the fourteenth hour of this day, The dawn is still in hiding, Scared off by the soft white skies that spill in from my window, Painting my walls with a hush. My heart sleeps, And I nod the same tune.
My kind have been here longer than most. We are warriors, Nobility by deed. Worshipped for our beauty and strength,
You. Yeah you. Listen up closely. If you can dream. You can achieve. The only thing stopping you, is you. So lace up your shoes, look in the mirror, and go get it.
This is me. I'm weird, random, and Flawless!!! Though things weren't always like this my past is in the past and all that lies ahead is my future. A path less traveled on but its my path out of the dark.
Being Flawless makes you feel beautiful, your hair done make up done everything done the gloss on your lips, the black on your eyes, the colthes that i a wearing, i am flawless.
I wonder what they're all after. My closest goal to reach is hapiness or laughter. If you don't enjoy it, why do you do it? To pay for things that you do, and then when it breaks, you pay to glue it.
Life is reeling in an enormous fish. Out goes the line, reel it back, and out it goes again. Don't force it, give the line some play. The fish will be caught when it's ready, although it was never ready to begin with.
These scars tell tales Of memories and fails.
Rape. It led to my silence. For a year I let what happened control me, let HIM control me. Fear. I was scared.
Flawless, how you wake up. Or Flawless, putting on your makeup. flawless, getting clothes for ten dollars or twenty. Still flawless getting Prada purses by the many. Flawless, depicted as how you are seen.
I'm so meta, even this acronym.
I know that I have it in me (I have it in me) I know that I have it in me (I have it in me) I have it in me - There's more than meets the eye I'm gonna spread my wings and fly  
  I woke up from a dream A dream of fantasy In a world of endless possibilities In a world where I was who I wanted to be
It's not your looks, it's not your words. It's everything else, it's you. You complete me, when you're not here i'm so alone.  You're all i want, you're flawless.
I am beauty         Taking and making from what I can         And fast pacing, embracing, and front facing         Love, but don’t touch I am peace         Creation, devotion
You say my eyes reveal my soul To expose what lies within …but what shines through The careful mask I wear just for you?  
the whimsicle wind departing the tears that run dry to the sun performing this beautiful pluiophile precisely the petrichor of the rocky road mountain
I am not perfect, why should I try? I am not you, why should I be? I am not ugly, why should I lie? I am myself, entirely, flawlessly me.   Tears have etched paths through the make up covering my scars
I am stitched together A patchwork of Stunning freckles Flowing cowlicks Delicate chewed-up nails Soft, smooth birthmarks Beautiful scars Perfect imperfections
Some White, Cream, Tan, Buff. Pink, Red, Brown, Black. Chalky complexions, solid skins.   Some room in between for no invasion of space. Stacking and stacking— too much to even count.
I am not a woman with a six inch thigh gap I am not seen as perfectly curvy and simultaneously perfectly lean My boobs don't outweigh my body My hair is not silky smooth
Earn your flaws young child
Untitled I kept running, Until I had to stop I curled up into a ball My arms hugging my knees tightly Before I knew it, it was raining buckets And my face was wet from sobbing
As the sun rises the stars fade away When the beams of light slowly flow throw the curtains Reflecting it’s glamor onto my skin Making it shine brighter than never before Awakening with a smile
Things are never just Black & White. For me, things were more Black & Blue It wasn't a pretty sight.
I've lived long enough to know how it goes That lovable feeling, keeping me on my toes I've lived long enough to tell you how it ends The infamous "we can still be friends" But what I can't tell you is why
I choose to accept people for who they are, for I wish to be accepted for who I am.
With big eyes of brown  That could never tear anyone down‏
         "Flawless, flawless, flawless."    I keep on saying it, reminding myself. Hey, "fake it till' you make it."
Our image is our pain, our weakness is our way, Insecurity makes us forget we ever felt anything different. We feel like the only way to love ourselves to impress the others.
What makes me flawless? ....... working hard towards my goals each day does not come easy, no way  I had to push myself even when I became discouraged I am woman hear me roar
Says the Sage to the Boy:"You're mortal, you'll die.Do not aim to live forever,but rather learn how to pryyourself free from thestone settings of the ringsof your fellow men.
Harsh words, harsh thoughts, hurting: -useless. Mirrors, magazines, television: -relentless Running, crying, fighting: -hopeless. Open arms, shelter, love: -forgiveness.
With respect and admiration there must be challenges and hardships Without it there will be nothing To earn respect, takes humility, hard work, and heart To be admirable, there must be positivity, energy, and strength
My name is Yamilette, that means beautiful by the way.
If I am free to be skinny, Free to be tan, Free to date As long as it's a man.   Why can't I be free to be fat? Free to be pale? Free to date the person That treats me well?  
As people come and go I sit here alone Not knowing what i am What am i I hear tales of knowledge  that people know already what they are who they are  way they are  
Perfectly Flawed : That's how I believe I was created. You see I wasn't designed to be a "perfect 10" as my generation calls it,
She smiles carelessly with no regret
CLICK! Crack. The pain spreads like a slow-burning fire, As I walk down the cobblestone street. I got here! I got here! I made it after three.   Three surgeries, I really made it abroad;
Reflecting back at me  My crooked nose and too-thin wrists
The world says that beauty is the only thing that can be seen You need to have the makeup and "the look" to be crowned as a true beauty queen   Well I am  going to say this, and I won't regret it, I know exactly who I am
I am filled with mistakes, Because I am human, And that's what make us alive. But mistakes can be more than mistakes, And our minds can be the greatest weapon To attack our own self.   
No one is perfect in all that they do, But I have my own strengths, And you have yours too.  
Being flawless is seeing the beauty in your flaws Being flawless is accepting your flaws. Being flawless is knowing you're unique. Being flawless is  being you no matter what anyone says.
Unblemished Perfect  Unmarked
Who are you to tell me Who I can and cannot be What to wear, what to share Is only up to me.
I'm not one to boast, in fact I'm not all that great I've got flaws just like all people do
I remember the dread that surged through my soul.   The sight of the school building transformed into a prison   But I knew if I tried to escape I’d trip over my own fears.  
I embrace my butt  and curvy figure because that is what I do being yourself is beautiful  I am strong, independent and fierce I am a woman  
The most peaceful moment of my life happened as I was laying on the ground of my doctor's office unconscious from malnutrition, and I didn't realize that I'd passed out
What would I call myself? Judgemental? Selfish? Cruel? I don't like to believe that, but unfortunately, I can be, and I have been. Kind. Loving. Caring.
I may not be a stick thin model, my thighs may not have a gap my face might not be acne free my stomach, certainly not flat   I could go on all day about my flaws and what I can do to improve
Do you know how hard it is to find a gem that is truly completely flawless? Why do
I was born Flawless Through the blood and veins of  my ancestors The chocolate glow of my skin The beauty of my heritage brought into this imperfect world yet delivered into this world by greatness
Dealing Small, fractured bones Dealing Life-changing codes Dealing Broken homes Dealing Depression grows   Overcoming Healing wounds Overcoming Death assumed
The ideal image of woman....... does it exist really? The world is constantly changing so therefore that image is changing with it.
I picked a flower and as the melody goes You love me not it landed on
Freak Loser Awkward Words will never break me Loving my Amazon structure Easier said than done Seen in magazines Seen on runways
My hair  is frizzy, messy, and unkempt; My face is rounder than I would like it But all of those things aside and  exempt   I am me, and that's what  makes me perfect  I am not "fabulous" I'm FABUMORE  
Pale skin, crooked teeth, acne, freckles.  
                                           A Woman's value 
I break open at the warmth of day, called out to play by a roaring sun. I find myself shining and shedding my skin, revealing a perfect being beneath.  
Being inside the mind of  A teen  That thinks himself Far behind flawless Is like being stuck in a cell With a few exits  But not wanting to leave... Until recently. My flaws are listed 
The reason I am flawless does not come from society Society everyday tells me I am less I am not smart enough I am not skinny enough I am not kind and I am not selfless
Kind heart wrapped in wire Guarding the what she holds most dear Rushed hands bleed from the futile wrenching The blood painting her heart red   Careful because she hid the gloves in her mind
I didn't wake up like this, It took some work, From tired cashier, to sad weary clerk,   I come from many places, High far and low, I've seen many faces, and continue to grow,  
I am that of a river I flow soft and I run free, Swayed by the tide of my destiny. The sun shines bright Almost running me dry But it is then that my beauty shines.
What do I see when I look in the mirror? Nothing but the image of a woman shall appear. I see strength, and I see strife. I see a being full of life. When I stare at my reflection it's clear how I feel.
What is perfect? Where is perfect? We are humans, we make mistakes, but it's up to us to become flawless.  
I share my story And I dream I am not what anyone expects of me   I am beautiful And strong I will always stand tall   You can say what you want, What you think
Who am I? I used to ask myself. The harsh words i used to tell myself left only an impression as I turned my back on yesterday. Today, as I look back at who I used to be, I Am Proud.
It wasn't cheap but it was priceless With a regaining form and a Star of David Because she became unashamed And she changed all the thoughts any man ever gave her.    
You bloods pulses in your veins just like it did in Thomas Jefferson’s.
Confidence is key but no one ever taught me how to achieve it. I learned it on my own by realizing other opinions won't make me any different. 
Flawless am I... Well, maybe so.  I am who I am, right?  Perfect? No, for I in the sight of greatness am yet flawed.  But seek out the truth yet I alone remain in the light of flawlessness.
Where’s the humility in writing about The perfection of a person without a little doubt That anyone is spotless or ideal honestly, Maybe one or two, and of course there’s me.  But Humility aside, I am pretty neat,
Everyone has flaws, Some are crippled and debilitated by them Others wear them as badges of honor and character
The emptiness consumes you It eats you from the inside out So slowly and carefully That you wont notice until it had become you The emptniess within becomes the emptiness surrounding And you cant escape...
Beauty lies within me, No filter aka "No Filly",
Silent hunter I am. I can bring smiles to Uncle Sam. Lurk in the sky like a hawk. With a face like Guy Fawk. When the morrow comes, get really to heard the marching drums. I am really for war.
There are just so many different Me's in this cruel cold world, But one thing is for sure in that Kaleidoscopes of Me is that person is Flawless in her own way.
Beauty is only skin deep I once was told A beautiful face could carry a heart of cold  But what about the others who shine like gold ? Not defined as beautiful in the next teen magazine. 
We play games, awesome Sing songs, awesome
  I woke up flawless, as I do, each and every day face mask on, tea in hand, in bed with my hair astray  
Sitting behind you is a girl who creates  Not that you would notice her of course  After all she is always silent  Just sitting there carefully jotting down notes
Because I respect myself because I believe I'm beautiful because I pour my heart into my work because I give my all because I don't give up  I am flawless
I am no diamond, no gem, nor sane, nor a narcissist if such becomes my name... For my flawlessness is known by all it is the reason for your fall, where you lack I excel
For years I've stood in front of a mirror,
I`m logical Very knowledgeable, Can name all the states In alphabetical sequence.   Albert Einstein can learn from me, Charles Darwin can licks my boot for thinking I’m an ape
I awake in bed, The light shines in, I raise my head, I rub my chin,  I look in the mirror, I gasp at the sight I see, It is even clearer, How amazing it is to be me. We are who we are,
Flawless. A very powerful word. A word that can be a heavy weight to a self-conscience mind. A word usually associated with people other than oneself.
Pretty hair, perfect smile Shining eyes, thin waist Eyes on you all the time Let the boys chase Unrealistic expectations   A voice, a kind spirit A dreaming heart, a fearless soul
Please do not use my good looks As an excuse for your blatant impertinence Of course I look “pretty damn fine” But I did not get dressed with you in mind Your threatening footsteps, Lingering eyes,
Fat.  Stupid. Ugly. Fake.  These are the things girls call each other. We dig and pry at others with our words. We tare each other down, as if it will build us up.
I am not perfect but flawless, yes. I can quilt a blanket and endure much stress. I am a woman with muscle on her bones. I am the queen of many thrones. I smile and yet I hide my pain.
Filters are my opposite, I don't filter the true me.  No sound of a filter ever acompanies my voice, lound and pronounced. My photos show of fresh powder being kicked up by my skis, banking closely on the slopes near every tree.
I am not very brave Infact i think i can be a milquetoast
Life tries to put me down  Bring me as far as below the ground It doesn't want to see me succeed It wants me to fail, never to excede   But time and again, when life brings me down
The mask  by Deeja Austin   It's more than a filter
When I was young
I am me strong  resilient
Dear Dastardly Darlings,
Different Magazines Calling my name Telling me a claim to fame Telling me what I want to hear Telling me to have no fear Looking into a paper mirror I feel perfection is almost near
Hey there, beautiful girl,
You let the mirror control you every time you gaze at its reflection, 
When dancing, I'm perfect I don't care what you say My one night of respect I'm doing it my way   Dance without any thought No plans or needless faults
Why? Why is it that we don't know that we are beautiful? Why is it that there is always somebody that wants to put us down? Why is it that ugly is the definition of the outside, yet the opposite of the inside?
I am me,  No one else is me. I am unique, I am special, I am perfect as I am I read, I dance, and I sing off key I have cats and a dog and family, All special to me.
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all? Don't be scared to look at your reflection. Everyone is different, you're the perfect complexion.   Even when your hair is a mess.
Flaws do I have any? I have many. Honestly, I am mentioning none already.   What does it take to be flawless? Trying not to look so aweless. Do we have to break it in like what we do with our heels?
I am me The old T-shirts and faded blue jeans Pajama pants and slippers or Moccasins and a sloppy pony tail
Who am I? I am different. I will never follow anyone else. I am my own person with my own mind and my own beating heart. I am beautiful.
I am beautiful I am strong
Fields of Green Mine, in my mind I tend to them Labor of love and ambition No one sees my work No one cares All but me just seem to forever gaze on; simply stare Worried about tomorrow
Do you see this skin just sitting around my bones? I know you may not like it, but i have to call it home. It's all pale and freckled, except for these little red spots.
Not triumph, but failure; Not prosperity, but defeat;
Without a single doubt in my mind, I know I am flawless. My art is flawless, my song is flawless, my beauty is Flawless. Perfection is boring, Faults are unique and give definition to my name,
I'm the other type of Asian that everybody goes what the heck at "Why you not studying 24/7 with your textbook in your left hand?" "Why you got a mic instead of a pencil in your right hand?"
There may be bags under my eyes, but that's to be expected when you work nights. And my hair is never styled, who has the time? I tie it into a knot and dive into homework to be done, and work
I am flawedWhich is something I’ve known sinceThe day I was born
As Little girls we grow up looking up to our mothers As CHildern we look up to Tv Stars As TEEns we look up to Magazines As YOUNg adults we look up to super models  As WOMEN we look up to god...
My hairs a mess I don't even distress of how I dress my leggings are all worn people are going to know it's all torn
My God is a protector, 
I see those girls staring at me Always judging, but I just hope and plea That they're not talking about my broken self-esteem For they don't know what I've seen   I'm just so hurt inside
i am not flawless   i give up too easily i never fill up sketchbooks i make my sister upset when i'm nervous, i cry when i'm sad, i shut people out when i'm scared, i don't talk
  Standing in front of the mirror staring at your face and body 
"I woke up like this" But flawless isn't the word I would use Flaws and all Makeup we abuse We choose to hide and mask the real us Behind the fake us With the fake us on the forefront
Turn off the cameras Turn out those lights There is no use hiding me tonight I don't need the makeup or fine,fixed hair I can love me when no one cares No, pefection doesn't exist
I put on my dress, do my hair, my makeup, boom i'm flawless. I'm thanked for an act of kindness, I feel flawless. I scored the winning goal in my soccer game, wow they think i'm flawless.
My failures do not define me My weaknesses do not define me Only I define me  My triumps do not define me My strengths do not define me Only I define me My vurnabilities do not define me
I am flawless I am a great leader. Even if I make the wrong decision for the group some times more often than not I make the right one. I am an amazing friend. I will always be at your side, though thick and thin.
"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" That's what my momma used to say But little does she know Everyone sees the same way Individuality is talked of with passion But when someone tries it on
With all the years that have gone and all the friends that I've lost I've lived and learned to stand strong and move on.  Wtih all the tears that have shed and the backs double crossed
   It’s all done and said. That smile you once had was only a fake. I can't believe you fooled me once again. The trust we had made was only the beginning.
Yogas, jeans, leggings, could they be any tighter?
I am not Flawless I have scars and bad teeth I need glasses to see and I have stretch marks from growing
A rosebush hiding its beauty in thorns
It's true, I wasn't always this way. I came into it all on my own.   I didnt need your help and I didn't need your approval. Sometimes I wonder what
Mirror, mirror On the wall.
What makes me flawless? The fact that I am everything EXCEPT flawless; but have the confidence as if I am... What makes me flawless is the LOVE I have for my flaws. My flaws make me who I am... They define me  
I am   Inadequate Unworthy Ugly A sinner.  The world Corrupted with Anti-aging potions And never-ending notions, That life is about Money
You know what I hate? Cliches. You know what I hate more than Cliches? The fact that they are ALL true. Since we were young the idea that “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” has been embedded into our tiny peanut heads.
I look up and I see the lights. Although I know its there i can't hear the shouts. At the moment i can't remember anything, But then that first note hits and my body begins to flow.
I don't have a flawless walk. I don't have a flawless personality. I don't have flawless beauty. I'm not a flawless worker. I try to keep my love flawless, Especially my love for animals and God,
What do you see? I see the truth about myself. I am weird and mabye odd, but I am ME. I may cry, but ill hold my head high. I may get scared, but I will be strong for others, and myself.
Feelings in this world Letting go of the tragedies A lot of people experience We all get swirled Lest we make our strategies
I woke up this morning Put my weaknesses aside I'm going to show you who's boss It's about time.   You can't stop me, I'm invincible My power runs through  Each day I get stroger
If I could speak every language,
You push me down into dirt,You stay proud of what you blurt,Of all these words screamed out at me:
i am flawed i have F     ears of the color red of animals of my life being monitored of spiders of bees of ants of germs of failure of loss of death of gaining weight of being a burden of of of
This bag of bones never fits right This skin they're in too big, too tight And the slick acid of anxiety barks and bites And the shape of my face never quite nice But I love myself anyway
Long brown hair. Big brown eyes. Gap-toothed mouth. Breasts big size. Long nailed fingers. Cold back heart. Fat filled stomach. Such unique art. I am different.
It's simple- there's no one like me. It's not meant to sound self-centered. But, seriously, I am me. Every morning and every night, when I wake up and when I go to bed- I am me. 
The few achieve enormously, while the decrepit fools realize their assistance.   
Like the earth designed  I am intricate, complex, vast.   Like a mountain of ice I am unbreakable, bold, fearless.   Like a soft breeze I am warm, gentle, loving.  
Fabulous Ha! I love that word Eight letters, three snaps Fa-bu-lous
I am not a flower with rays and insects to make pink, velvety, elegant petals to bloom and swoon on someone's gate   I am no sweet who must be watched and created needing everything in nature
I am as unique as a snowflake, And my flaws are what make me one of a kind. If I stay true to myself I will not break,
When I was just a kid they told me that I was flawless. No baggage, No past, No bad decisions. They said I was the cutest little boy and would never fuss. No crying, No acting-out, No rude behavior.
 I'm always the First to come and last to leave because I am a  Leader in a world of followers who live life on social media I'm
It spreads like a disease, but its lovely so warm, accepting, and comfy It fills a room like cookies in the oven It can even influence as many as a dozen So powerful it creates smiles and relationships 
Here's one for the lookers. Online, in plain sight. Favorites and retweets, So far you feel alright. Catching up, laughing up, That meme too funny, am I right? Then you scroll, and then you see.
Flawless: a word that, more or less, means "perfect"Can one be perfect?Humans cannot, and that is for certain to be true.
Picture a young boy born from tragedy Poorly treated by many loved by few This took a toll on his self-esteem and Lead to a psychological crisis Once he bounced back he yearned to help others
Sometimes I wonder about our generation How will we fit in with the larger population? We go through our  days hoping to be distracted And we dont stop and think about the way we acted
I wake up, #FLAWLESS. No make-up. Bra-less. Should I wear jeans, or joggers? Every morning I go through all this...   20 minutes til I catch the bus, Eyebrows on FLEEK, hair looking plush,
I'm a leader not a follower. This means I can guide people in the right direction when their lost. I'm a leader not a follower. This mean I tread the path people want to walk. I'm a leader not a follower.
Pretty face, long hair. Skinny waist, the clothes I wear. Everything must be Perfect. Flawless.   The way I walk, the way I drink. The way I talk, the way I think.
I am a Finisher. Once I set my mind to finish something I will. Sure this is not a skill most people are born with. In fact i was not born with it either, but my mom tought it to me.
I am judgedCalled names and tossed to the curve
  Time after time I am told not to wake up from the pill induced coma that they put me in, Supposedly brainwashed and made to think this round peg could never fit in to a square opening. But I woke up like this.
People replace the word beauty with flaw . How could they do such a thing?
At first I felt lost  As I sat and continuously watched  My mentally ill sister struggle with what is real and what is not Sure she was seen by multiple professionals But even they couldn't find 
I may not be the perfect girl, but let me give "flawless" a whirl. I'm tall and awkward, I'm too loud to be heard. I know not everyone likes it, but I rarely care a bit. I'm #flawless because well,
I am perfect.   I have two pimples, A permanent bad hair day, Halfway decent grades.   I am horribly short-tempered, Quick to take offense,
There was once a little girl who pranced around with  30 page chapter book glued to her tiny pawsdreaming of the brawn knights and dainty princesses that resided between the pages  
He let it touch his lips When he breathed it in again.  I stood there watching. Every puff and every time he let it in, I watched.    He let it touch my lips 
An artist at heart can be the windAlthough people cannot see the strands of a breezeThe soft blows can still be felt against one's skin
If flawless means making mistakes, then yes I am flawless. If flawless means crying when you are sad, then yes I am flawless. If flawless means sometimes choosing wrong, then yes I am flawless
My hair won’t fall right. My socks don’t match. This jacket’s too tight. These jeans need a patch.   My bag isn’t Michael Kors. My shirt’s not Ralph Lauren. I can’t afford designer stores.
It's an expectation that females are flawless.
Today I saw her smile break (over again - Hope cracked open and spilling out her eyes to drain away Like the colour in her face) And it hurt just as much as it did the first time
As I walk through this house This house of mirrors Some reflections are vague And some, are clearer   As I pass them by one by one The reflections vary The images are fun
My most redeeming attribute is that i do not distribute the pieces of myself esteem to anyone who I deem unworthy. By this I mean that I dont "bend over" just because a cool guy or girl came over and 
Her story started like everyone else She had two parents, two sisters And lived in a house She had friends, and family for miles and more Not knowing the rain was starting to pour  
i am a bird i fly towards the sky no boundaries to keep me contained they try to catch me pull me down with their words beat my wings but i will fly those things cannot hold me back
I always wanted to be that girl.  The girl with the pretty face and great clothes The slim waist and the nice nose Beauty SPEWING from her head to her toes.
I stare in the mirror, I don't like what I see.
I. Am. Flawless. Maybe not to you, or him or her  but to me. I. Am. Flawless. I dance my heart out,
I want to be somewhere where I can be beautiful to myself,
Flawlessness is an endless achievement, It means many things, Having the best outfit, looking the best at the gym, and getting the best grades, but what makes me flawless is that I am flawed, I do make mistakes,
What makes one flawless?   Is it the looks?   The long hair, coke bottle body advertised in the media?   I promise the definition cannot be found in the dictionary, nor encyclopedia.  
if gazes were lasers i'd be smoldering this is a sea of faces and people are floundering drowning desperate to save themselves to reach the surface and breathe in the sweet air of acknowledgement
Beauty is not something seen but something taught Many women do not know true beauty But I do Beauty is not something you wear Beauty is not something you can cake on Beauty is not measured
A call to action opens bright my eyes, And shacks in the knees. Both tans and pinks cover mine. A stretchy and kind smelling skin. What beast scratched at the earth and was born of clay feet?
Society may think, My skin is flawed, But it shows years of playing in the sun.   Society may think, My hair is flawed, But it shows years of being tossed back in laughter.  
Metal though hard, Breaks brittle with a strong blow.   Steel though fine, Snaps clean if left unfinished.   As but a rough chunk of iron, Cracked from a rough wall,
I am so fucking flawless, yet no one cares to notice. The words I can say make me seem outspoken. If I was on survival island I would never be out voted. Know why? Because I'm that fucking flawless.
Brown, round, full of love and happiness My eyes, my eyes They see so differently From you, from he, from she No one, no, no one can see What I see  
From the chipped nail polish on my toes, to the my beautifuly athletic legs.. From the darkness of my knees, to the curves that diseave... Skin tone oh so yummy, looks just like honey...
What makes me so flawless you ask? It's a simple answer, I'm not I have many flaws under this mask I wear But it fools you My shell keeps me safe, happy, comfortable
Her reflection blinks back With skin glowing under morning light Cheeks flushed as the heart As she notices the smooth facial structure So alike to others but different in aspect Perfection of the beholder
TREVOR FLAWLESS (greased and polished) When you're standing tall and proud,
The heart with the touch of Midous is mine The unbreakable will  The calculation of a great mathmatician 
Dance in the street, dance in the store. Continue to dance now and forever more. This is something that I do everyday Using the gift God gave me to bring joy Using it to brighten my day.
Light feet beat out the rhythm lodged within the recesses of her wild mind,bringing to lifethe sweet melodiesof Mother Earth.Soft lips sing the truth of the world
I changed my look I changed my style I change my hair for a little while, I changed my skirt I changed my dress I changed the ones I tried to impress,   I changed the shows I used to watch
I am not less for the mistakes I have made, but made greater by them. My failings don't me weigh down because I choose to stand on them and elevate myself.
People say to be gansta you got to have a sick cut To be cool your quiff game must be on spot Society strives for sprayed on abs and butts that are just too big Well my body might not be perfect
My mother is a bird, Her voice is music, her eyes are bright,
Body do you see this? Or even hear this? How they talk about you as if you are a piece of meat As if you are something that they can use As if you are something that can be replace  
She's flawless, about her everybody talks less I'm flawed less, but my modesty knows best  Acceptance of shortcomings and such, I Have room to build my trust, in 
Red like shiny rubies Squeezed into my favorite heels at the dance Painted blue like a clear sky In my favorite flip-flops at the beach Any color I want them to be Different shades of purples and greens
To be honest Physically, I am not in any way lacking flaws. I have hair in places I don't think it belongs, I have fat stick out where I'd rather it not.
Her eyes sparkled like onyx But her head was bald She walked slow but steady Wasn't sure about life but she was ready And she  Was beautiful He lost half his face in the blast
18,  an adult, seeking independence, my voice to be heard, time spent shouting for reason, 
                 Shower me with lies               I, stronger then deception          
Flawless That’s me I respect myself and my morality My body isn’t perfect But my brains are worth it. I don’t let males disrespect me,
I worked and worked and worked and it seemed like no one noticed the effort only the imperfection and the short comings.    They say the industry is tough 
My low seemed skin shreds the weight of those who bring me down
You don't tell me what to do;
I didn't know what you meant when you said our love is flawless,  Did you mean that I was perfect?  Or that you were? 
Every girl dreams of the perfect life, Getting paid to smile or being a trophy wife. I think we want it easy, but that is not our call, We want to erase any chance that we may fall.
Today, I am I!  Oh! Wonderful me! I have a brain in my head toes on my feet fingers on hand and teeth that gleam   Hair that is healthy eyes that see ears that hear
I've always been tiny, a small little peach. I'm used to the bottom, the top I can't reach. Always looking up because there is nothing below. Praying and hoping, that one day I'd grow. 
I have broken my back more times than I can count, I am brittle, I crumble with the quake. My crooked spine hates me I hate me ‘Stop bending’                 ‘stop bending’
do not change for other people, for change should be voluntary. everything about you is (insert positive adjective here). you are flawless.  
When I looked into the mirror, I knew I saw what others saw. Blemishes across my chin, Crooked teeth, mousy hair and a sideways smile. I knew I wasn't beautiful or pretty or even just cute.
I shook and dissolved into beams  of pride and pain as Neiel Israel spoke the line into existence;   “Every day a black man walks He is like Jesus,
When I look at myself all I see is flaws Everything about me seems so blah From the blemish on my chin To the scars on my skin The bags under my eyes And the size of my thigs
Where is the exact point when you find happiness? When you finally know your self-worth? When you love yourself? The tears, the hardships, the harsh comments
I am happy with who I am    I am active  Cheerleader Racing through the air Trying to touch the sky Flexible  I am a flyer   
Society's expectations like an avalanche Cascading down                               Destroying                 Crushing I bear it until I fear I will suffocate         And then I run.
A universe so massive, an earth so large,
Hair so big and tightly coiled           that people don’t always know what to think of it.
  Mistakes They make you look bad. They make me cry. I never want to try. They make you sad.  Never make a mistake. They make me ache. Perfection Quality matters in what you do.
You don’t like my natural hair? I don’t care My naps suit me. You don’t like my worn out shoes? I don’t care
as she wakes up
Faith has kept me strong
I am a diamond I am hidden in the rough dirty but perfect  
Wake up, get dressed Look in the mirror Don't be stressed. Society is ugly But I am a beautiful mess.   My clothes are my mirror Reflecting my style. I have nothing to fear
The hardships were rough. Many days were tough. Tears fell this past year. For I lost two people who were very dear.
Bullies and parents put me down
It has taken years to realize That I am more than a number on the scale That physical beauty is nothing compared to inner beauty That I am not perfect, because perfection is overrated I wish I had known sooner
They say you must fit in double zero, But that doesn't define the person in the mirror. Tell me about your superhero, Now, tell me is it becoming clearer? It's not the brand of clothes, shoes or makeup,
Thick and Full Always there. They comfort me in times of despair. Smooth and Clean Beneath my fingers. They echo far back to my foremothers Strong and direct
In. Out. In. Out. One breath. Another one. That’s what I’m telling myself, As I’m bombarded with Outrageously unattainable Standards
I am woman, hear me roar, Breath fire, wipe minds, tear asunder This world that was built on innocent blood Of women, children, difference plundered. Where woman tread, no man should. 
"Turn that down! All they do is scream!" "They are expressing themselves. Is that what you mean?" "How can you concentrate anyways? It's way too loud!" "Well, guys, I have my own soundproof cloud."
Don't look at the magazines we've learned their words only tear down what we build up  though we try again and again we look in the mirror and see  a pair of imperfect eyes looking out
I am not without a flaw, To say otherwise would be a lie, That is the truth told raw. I would much rather die Than make an attempt to hide it I'm perfectly imperfect I will say so with grit
if i am to be
my legs are not ordinary legs but they function normally they can run they can kick they can stand   the only small discrepancy is this: mine possess hair
The kinks in my curls
"You're perfect" she says to the daughter dressed in bows. "I'm perfect" the dancing child crows. "You're beautiful" he says to his little girl. "I'm beautiful," she grins and gives him a twirl.
A small city with big dreams Nothing but opportunity
Yeah, it’s
When all else fails,
"Flawless: without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect." While I may not be the dictionary definition of flawless, I am perfect in my own way.
I follow none, and,  Like the sun,  I rise to the challenge of each new day. No reason to say
My name is Hope Ma
I am not the same anymore, My thoughts overwhelm me. I've made numerous mistakes, Oh, won't you help me see? I have done many things, That are frowned upon today. People do not understand,
The billows dashed against the sky,
I’m not the loudest person out there, nor am I the quietest of a pair. But I have something that seemingly blares. I swear. It is my smile and it looks quite pleasantly fair. Don’t be ashamed to share
Our youth seems to be caught up in a rapture, where Perfection is the bind Daring to Be Flawless. Outer beauty, wealth and name brand clothes
I am who I am because I chose to be that way. I am strong, becasue of the pain I have endured. I am beautiful, because I have taught myself to radiate my happiness. 
Today I looked at myself in the mirror Ever day it gets a bit clearer I am flawless My eyes are brown The best in town Nothing can compare I am flawless I was born with them
I'm candid as me, I may have red cheeks, buck teeth and my hair may not be neat, But I'm just the perfect me, So why bother be he or she? Can't you see I'm just like B, I won 10 out of 10 doing me,
I am me. I have a passion for sports, but I am not a "jock". I love learning, but I am not a "nerd". I enjoy relaxing, but I am not "lazy". I wear baggy sweats, but I am not a "bum". I am me.  
I am potential I am the remarkable wisdom yet to be tapped My knowledge created to be essential handcrafted but not fully unwrapped   I'm the everything that they crave 
I look in the miror and I see a beautiful girl I am the girl that many stirve to be You want to know why admire myself so much? There are many reasons why I do
Even if I am constantly critiqued I stand, happy with the head on my shoulders I don’t care how many magazines tell me I should look in the mirror and hate what I see Because at the end of the day,
As Isaac Asimov says, "Your assumptions are your windows on the world.
Me, I’m flawless in my own way, My definition of flawless isn’t what you think, I’m confident not cocky, Comfortable in my own skin, I don’t look at what other folks have, Because I look at what’s within,
When my voice alone proves me powerless,
It is not the way I look at you. It is not the make up applied to my face. Instead you float, Lingering, On a genetic glazed gaze. They all stop and stare At "flawless" eyes- Ocean eyes-
Smothered over your sheets naked and anxious,
I AM only in the beginning stages of a tainted substance they call life ,
I want to be swept off my feet and carried away,                                                                                                  To a place the darkness can't reach and where people want to stay.
I am [F]ar from perfect. In fact I'm more [L]ike a reject. I don't fit in with society's w[A]ys. [W]hy try so hard when you don't want to play?   I don't have a twitter and I don't take selfies.
    Oh no, dear. You are not perfect. Far from it, in fact. But you are treasured regardless. Oh, how you are loved.  
Not bound by Society  They're not my priority I may not be Flawless But with every critique I live life honest I'm just that Unique
I am flawless in the darkest of times
I stare at the mirror Watching anxiety pour My dignity crawls beneath me Heaving on all fours
I am flawless and that's okay. I am flawless and I don't need to be ashamed
I am a runner through and through I crave for success; a personal best I will not settle for less So I train long hours; it’s nothing new   People say runners are too thin, that we are bit crazy too
A chance at life Freedom of speech opportunity to be It doesnt matter who they want me to be
I am the late night talks with you,
What is flaw? Is it what makes you different from everybody else? Is it what you lack? Is it your potiential to go further than everybody else? What makes me flawless? What makes me flawless?
The mistakes will happen All you can do is learn from them Because you know what? We are only human.   You've got to live through the embarassing stories The humiliating moments The scary times
Wanting to show my kindness, intelligence, beauty  But fear that my confidence will receive the labels of pride and conceit I'm just going to be honest Every inch of me is flawless Vulnerable, anxious
For all of the “What if’s” and trying times Look within yourself And know that no amount of caffeine or beauty products
Messed Up Weave, Food in my teeth I woke up like this Sweatpants and a tee Only person I got to impress is me Fabulous   I work hard for the future Future which is so bright
What You Want Me to Be   You. You want. You want me... NO!
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The one whose eyes fall upon your body and meet your gaze,
Camera, Camera on my phone. Filter away all my flaws, Surly I do lie, but beauty is key , Without  filters, We shine flawless like  gems, Now we see eye to lens,  Simple beauty,no trends.
He's a guy filled with aspiration and desire Yet he has deceit deception and lies He has dreams of his future and promises kept He has low confidence and has promises broken
Don't let your flaws define who you are, they are just imperfections waiting to bring you down.
I used to look int o this mirror and see things I didnt want to remember. I hated the small ears, black heads, and acne, but most of all I hated looking at that reflection of my daddy.
My face has never been crystal clear There have always been little dots along my cheeks and nose As a little girl they created in me fear Oh how I wish that little girl had felt free to expose  
Bitten nails cracked knuckles, scars that scream "no!" Grinding teeth unman'ged hair, hunched back that cries "go..."   Dry skin "shy" demeanor,
I am flawless, I am faultless. I am me, Who are you?
When I was eight, I ate fourteen times a day. Whatever I wanted, because I wanted it. Because food was my friend. When I turned thirteen,  food became to me,
To my fellow brothers and sisters, I bring to you today,
Eyes brown too average.
As the sun brings life to nature, And the moon brings life to energy,
A girl hides in the back of the class all by herself Alone. Quiet. Silent. She keeps her head down and looks not around, Just stares at her desk, waiting for class to start. Oh when will it start?
  There was a time when I had lost all of my confidence.
Sometimes I forget. I forget what makes me myself. But when my siren calls for me I must obey. The scents waftng through the air. The sounds of mixers echoing thoughout the kitchen.
Lets talk about H.A.I.R and why it's so POPPIN
My world broke me down. You're  Fat Ugly Stupid Bitch Slut Worthless A waste of space A waste of time Fucked Up Not worth it   NO!
Some may say the Boy Scouts are wimps, But I'm here tell you that it's no joke. Pay attention or you'll end up on your rumps. Eagles aren't something to be poked, Only 2% of Scouts get this honor.
So they say to be perfect Either that or it's not worth it You got an attitude, curb it All of that, ya I've heard it.   'Cause if you ask them why not They'll just stutter a lot
I do not count the cracks that riddle my small hands. I am amazed by their ability to remain soft and pure. Made up expressions in the thick skin, muddy and brown.
Change yourself they say, Into their sick, unnatural image of beauty, To be worthy, Of the company of puppets, Held up with strings.
Faith ties her to the ground, Laughter consumes her soul, Art isn't her forte but the World is her canvas, carefully Listening to her heart above all other voices
The dictionary says th
I wake up in             the morning, I want to cry at the       image in the mirror, I don't like who is   staring back at me.
I am imperfect I am flawless the two thoughts fight constantly for my recognition. While imperctions exist, I am flawless.   I may be short I may need glasses
I bring my lunch to school, everyday. Us sacklunchers rarely have to stray into the Bedlam of The lunch line.   We cannot escape forever, though.
She puts on makeup before she goes to work. She is perfection. She goes into the office. She smiles, they smile back. She forgets about last night, about how angry he was.
my hair is messy flawless make up smeared flawless ripped clothes flawless yellow teeth  flawless cause being flawless doesnt mean you have to be perfect
"Flawless?" She asked. "What's that mean?" "To be without flaws." I stated. "No." She said, her tiny face scrunchimg up. "Impossible." "So what does it mean then?"
Yes, I am a flawless man, Just like any other, For flawless may be just a word, But its meaning is colossus.   Yes, I am a flawless man, But with flaws I have,
Curly cues can cause craziness and attitude always acts against anyone. Broken bones belittle my body surrounded by the scars that seal them shut. Dark eyes that desire a drink
Don’t tell me I can’t do something Because I’ll prove you wrong. Tell me I’m no musician You’ll get a symphony, not a song.   Don’t tell me I’m not fast enough,
Repeat this every day—  not because I told you to but because it is true. You are a force of nature You are not to be reckoned with. For you have limitless potential 
Skin torn, broken, battered. Cleaned and renewed. God stepped in. Made the pain and the marks, Just go away.
This skin has seen the light of the sun, Felt the sting of the wind, Been quenched by the water, And cradled by the Earth. It's been stretched and split, Scratched and burned but still,
I wake up in the morning, flawed, and wonder how anyone could love me I am nothing without him   I wake up in the morning next to him, flawed, and wonder how could he still love me I am useless to him  
I am   Me myself and I No one else is me Confident my hard work will make history Its a mystery How big I could be But the potential Out ways the misery I am in control
Her name was Evangeline. She was the most beautiful daughter The sweetest and most generous partner A loving, supportive sister To a proud, but worried brother
Searching my mind for reasonsl
  I woke up like dis Dark circles, too tired
Flawless is no one when looking Through a large enough microscope.  One hair out of place is a Slap to the face of the viewer.  One chipped nail is a prized Artifact turned to dust by the
As I stare at my reflections, I can't decide on which direction
As I stare into the mirror, I see my reflection, and I reflect on my life, How will I make it through? Then I think of how far I have come, And how close I am to my goals. Goals I have set for myself,
It was August, When someone told me That I was flawless, And I agreed. I'm a goddess, Who helps stretched the blue sea. The one that form the chorus. It was I, the master key.
Your flawless exterior, shines like a self-righteous diamond
To me, I am flawless; a one of a kind.
Stretch marks line my thighs. My biggest fear is having someone see them. My stomach is not as flat as I wish it were.
Myself is the best person I can be My face is mine forever Marble like eagles  I comfort the lost Filling urge for the helping hand My hand The past had scars and scratches Slowly
I am more than the peaks of my breast, Or the valley between my hips. Value me for my words of honey, as they are my best; Catch them as they fall from my lips.   My body may be flawed,
I am flawlessly flawed Distraught, yet I admit I accept it My life is my life Who am I to neglect it I am embellished Through the joy that I bring But because of the pain I've drifted
  A crystalline ice sculpture weeps as the stifling heat wave consumes its delicate corners. The jagged, cracked tips of the rock pierce through the belly of the waterfall.
“You’re a nerd,” “You’re ugly,” there are so many things people say to knock us down. But don’t listen to it, it’s not true. That is not how we should be defined. All the comments and all the looks, they cause us to drown,
Two lives colide Into each other The secrets build The walls break Come on in To my arms I hide it So well from Everyone around I'm in the clouds You picked me
They think I’m, flawless. My grades are, flawless. My body is so fit I run with a tight clique. They think I’m, flawless. I’ve achieved all this.
Tell me what is really flawless?
Being flawless is hard work Doesn't happen in just one day I look at myself in the mirror day by day Days go on and you look the same  "Man, why am I feeling so grey?"
Without a flaw Perfect skin Perfect body Perfect hair It's a  girl. We have impossible standards For each other and ourselves. It's not fair
I am cosmic dust. I am a raging storm of gentle emotion. My spirit is a wind that blows unobstructively. I'm stronger than the words thrown into the voltage of my mind. My heart still beats. I am alive.
God is the maker of all        mankindHes so flawless he will blow     your mindI wanna be a member of    his     teamTrying to live holy with
"Google define 'Flawless' " "without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect."
"You are beautiful in each way that I can
Looking into the mirror, Wiping away the tears. A new day is ahead And a new face appears. No one can see past The cover that is shown, But nobody really understands What is called the unknown.
Sun shining bright through the window's ruby curtains, She got up. Hair in disarray, Face a mess with squinted brown eyes, She was bare, untouched, raw  
To learn how the world works
Beauty is many things But it is NOT power Confidence. Strength. Intelligence. These things give me power These are the things that make me feel FLAWLESS Beauty is many things
Sitting, watching, model like girls, Strut in front of me with tight bouncy curls. Perfect legs and tiny waists, Seamlessly flawless face.   I can't help, but judge myself,
Nobody is born flawless No one is a perfect being But when we embrace our flaws And love ourselves for who we are   we are flawless  
Who are you to say that im not flawless? I am flawless while you are unpolished.
You can't tell by my physical appearance, but I have a chronic disease.
One less insult whispered sweet For flawless smile, flawless me I’m unbroken from head to feet Seamless lips, don’t they see? I’m perfect, so don’t crush desires
Flawless Warior 
Flawless? I guess The Best Greatest But, I must Confess That Reguardless how I look I am Impeccable and Immaculate I bet those girls can't relate I'm just too great
The first time I rested my head on your chest, hearing the warmth of just you being alive. I felt flawless. Like the beat of music, I am flawless. Coincidng, our hearts beat like that music.
Two worlds stand apart, Separated by only the Moon and the Stars, Connected through a tiny thread,
Be fearless, Be dedicated, Be the dreamer in her sleep, The one who seeks knowledge in Worlds she can’t see.  
I have a superpower. It is rare, almost like flying. You don't see many people flying. My superpower is words. I don't have a way with words, that implies words are a force to be had a way with.
Although I’m not perfect, I don’t feel the need to change Being myself is the coolest, It shouldn’t be seen as lame I’m smart and I’m funny, These are the things that make me perfect
Navy scrub top White scrub pants White sneakers and my nametag. I'm in the lab doing my skills, striving for perfection. I will make it.   Tomorrow starts my internship
One may point out all my imperfections, and say I'm fat, but I want to make some corrections. I believe it's on the inside that comes up to bat when you're up against someone's infections
Look into my eyes, Tell me what you see. You won't see bony legs, or broad shoulders,  You'll see me. You'll see how much I care. And what I'd do for those I love. You'll see how hard I try,
Days have been dark Months have been dark I have fallen I have tripped on my faith and soul, my dignity, my mind, my life... I have cut through every scar on my skin
"You can not do it.", said the Smirking Lips, as they dangled below the nose. I persevered.   "You are worthless.", cried the Leering Eyes, as they squint on in disdain. But I persevered.  
I don't need to wear makeup. I'm fine the way I am. I don't need to be perfect. I know beauty is fleeting. I don't need a lot of friends. I have a few whom are true. I won't be liked by all. I'm thankful for who I have.
Fuck yes,  I'm ace. I'm ace as hell.   People might say I'm broken or maybe confused or that I just haven't met the right person.   Well, they're wrong. My sex drive is 0.
words can hurt  doesn't mean they are always true they dont always come from a credible source you look ugly they say brown eyes with rosy cheeks you look fat they say chubby cheeks my jeans are tight not prett
My brain is FLAWLESS Working hard for my success
I tried so hard to fit in, ignoring who i was, ignoring my beliefs. The thought of being wanted, the thought of being loved, i gave it much more value than it was really worth.
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