I AM atayla...


I AM only in the beginning stages of a tainted substance they call life ,

I AM polluted by societies' demands and apart of an ongoing dilemma of showcasing my talent and chasing my dreams or to just sit back, take notes and become someone else ,  

I AM addicted to the thrill of fantasizing about becoming a famous singer and sharing my words filled with emotion with all who wants to hear,

I AM intrigued by the thought of never being forgotten even once i have left this earth, 

I AM ready to show the world all that is bottled up inside this mind of creativity, imagination, and most of all love,

I AM always afraid of not being pretty enough for everyones eyes to see...

I AM willing to prove to myself and others that beauty is a picture that comes from your soul and that a persons' physical appearance is only but a frame for a masterpiece that is from within ,

I AM going to show the world before i am dead and gone that I AM,  FLAWLESS

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