Flawless With Flaws


United States
28° 52' 12.1368" N, 82° 40' 11.8092" W

She took a small seed of confidence and watched it grow.

Taking pride in her pain made her stonger than those who have none.

She never let's down her guard, so the waters of her heat will never flow.

She's on fire, She's the smoking gun.

She will lift her head up even even though she's fed up.

She smiles on the outside while on the inside she cries.

Her pride is her guard and her protector from the poison found inside of her cup.

She scratches and claws, trying to escape the madness of their webs of lies.

She walked out of her detours and into her destiny because of blessings not luck.

They took turns and tried to pry inside of her mind, for some reasons invading her heart didn't work.

They peeped inside of her windows to her soul and begin to search.

They found no way in but began a much deeper lurk.

They found that her weakness cannot be found, but She knew.

Unlike them, She knew that, "that" was her weakness.

She's strong and bold, malicious words from her cannot unfold.

For even love, she chooses not to be vulnerable because of her youth.

She knows her heart is more precious than a golden tooth.

So she rises, only to never fall, but still she plans for it.

Her demise, they plot it but her strength will stall.

She, is flawless with flaws.

She, is careful and all.



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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

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