Flawlessness is not conformity

My dear I ask what is wrong with me?

Why is that they laugh?

I've stripped myself, I've made it clear, I've taken on their path

Still they mock, still they cluck

Like I am such a fool

I've take on their personality

I've let me be their tool


My dear I ask what has become of me?

I've been tied down in chains.

There's no one in the mirror

I'm overcome with shame

Oh wait, I see that women there

She lays so still and pale.

She calls to me

Where have you gone?

Without me you will fail.


My dear I understand it now.

No one is content

When he or she denies themselves

That he or she is dead


For you cannot be anyone than who you truly are

If you deny

If you give up

Conforminity leaves scars


We must call to the young woman 

Who lays so still and pale

We must wake her up, call out her name, and show her to the world


For flawlessness is not perfection

Its rather a state of mind


Live in peace

Be yourself

And simply don't give a damn


Embrace it 

Make it your own

Be flawless



*snap snap snap snap snap snap snap snap*

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