In Touch With My Inner Deity


I am a Goddess

My confidence orbits the sun

Some may see my abundance of self-love as conceit

They would be undoubtedly wrong

I am simply in touch with my inner Deity

It is no ones place to take said power away from me

“What’s a Queen without her King?”

Historically? Better.

I am a King AND a Queen

I rule both parts of my soul

I do not need another being to complete me

I am complete because I complete me

Now don’t be mistaken,

This kind of self love can only come from the worst kind of self hate

Sticky candle wax on burning flesh

Pills to drown out voices and numb the pain

Only after rising from the pit of my own attempted demise

Could I have emerged stronger and flawlessly more powerful

I was no longer the little piggy building her house with straws

My castle was to be built with the stone akin to the Great Pyramids

The big bad wolf could no longer blow my house down

I cannot choose one single thing to love most about myself.

Individually these characteristics could be considered flaws

But as a whole they make a being who has long since

overcome the obstacles of facing oppression and debasement

at the hands of peers, the system and those who were supposed love me most.

I look in the mirror and love what I see

There is no one I’d rather be than me.

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