Speak. Spread. Love


What is it about me that speaks and spreads love?

That admiration I seek is a gift from above

that not only do I give, but I expect nothing in return


but that's another lesson learned.

We fight, we love, but what makes me different

is that no matter what the outcome, love is always the lesson.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

I live by that moral.

I leave by that reason.

Speak. Spread. Love

Even if it hurts in return

Let the heat from your passionate heart cause the cold ones to burn



and become something anew

Something that the world needs and it all starts with you.

Speak. Spread. Love

Thats what I continue to show. 

Take the examples. Don't think.

Just Go.

Lead by example. Not by financials

Lead by standing out. Not by checking out.

I am the change. I am the catalyst. I speak and spread love.

I am gifted, I am well written. A masterpiece from above.

With words I inspire. With words they admire.

Hate begins to retreat and negativity is retired.

With awe struck faces in loved and hated places

They remember the one who shined when hope was well faded

I advocate. I scream. I stand for what's right.

I Speak. Spread. Love from the brightest days to the darkest nights.

One day they will look up and see my name on the signs.

Remembering the message I said back in time.

To Speak. Spread. Love

No matter where they are,or how they feel

They will remember my name

And smile. perservere.

So I have Spoken. Spread. And Loved

They will remember my name.

Take my message, dear reader

and begin to do the same.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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