Thank You Mirror

She knew there are other things that I am thankful for.

But there is this one object that she has to thank more.

A life full of tears and regret 

Never led her towards the me life I have come to have met

Just looking at you would cause her heart to bleed from denial and pain

A times she even went insane

Calling herself a hidious and unsightly

Kept her inside this dark hole so very tightly

Don't get this girl wrong, you were never to blame

Just doing your job holding self securly in that frame

It was her who should take the fall

Her who started it and ended it all

Ended all the laughter from others surrounding my depressing soul

Put an end to the jokes that made less and less of a whole.


Then one day I took a long look in your frame, that same frame that made her go insane

She looked at the reflection of a weaking female

Who needed to take a good look at her world and take full sail

Who finally saw her for more than what her eyes could see

Saw herself for the queen she could always be

From head to toe no flaws to be found

Perfection from her point of view was all around

Thank You Mirror for revealing the beauty in this young girl

This beauty that is more exquiste than a authintic pearl

That beauty, flawlessness that can be found inside of every girl

Thank You Mirror for holding your frame and allowing her life to be

Thank for saving the young women named.......




This poem is about: 
Our world


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