I As A Person


I as a person am not a conversion.

My feelings are not a diversion
To a bigger act because it's bigger than that.
Lets look at the facts…
Emotionally disturbed and physically unsure.
Searching frantically for a cure.
I think I found it in boys…
Socially accepted,
But frantically affected,
Because I'm basically neglected.
Fake smiles, real intentions.
Big dreams with small infections,
But nobody payed attention
To the little homosexual crying in the corner
Whose only wish was to get his love life in order…
Sorry to change the rhyme scheme 
It's time to move to a different scene 
But if you can find it to read
In between the lines 
I'm sure you'll do just fine
Two  kicks in a closet
Well I'd like to make a deposit
And yes you can make withdrawal
But You're only in then out once that's all
And a kick may be out of it
But it takes two sneakers in the same place to make an outfit
"Three lives balanced on my head like steak knives"
That's what the Ocean sang to me
And quite frankly
Whichever knife we let split open our head
Still leaves us dead
Tired of hurt
Hurt of the pain
Seeking my fortune
And my fortune is fame
Craving another other
But got lost in the game
Searching for love 
But I found it in vain
I pray that can change
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