Talking with flawless Abe


Four walls and a register ....

That never fails to show me...

it's inner most parts


Tis truly a wondrous form of captivation

Mechanical contemplation...

I cannot remember all of their names -  but ..

A few were Abraham, Benjamin, and George

They never can change because within themselves they have it all

I counter...

I'm Flawless because I've never lost it all

While names in history are a dictatorial diction of imperishable moments

That sprawl through life's tapestry

My moments are INCATCHABLELY ...

Filled with creation

Mythically composed and forever  fashionable  

I enjoy mythical words and orchestrating  them  to twirl against the world

These are the toys of my flawless emancipation proclamation

I make poems about the DIGRESSION of others

I lay out in the fields of humid Alabama meditating away past aggressions

I am Flawless

Because ..

While I am confined by four walls

Talking with figments of Abe from 9 to 5

My inner most life is filled

To the brim

and leaking








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