You Asked For Me, You Got Me( Allow Me To Introduce Myself)



I Slept Under A Bridge Last Night.

No, I'm not homeless,

I did it to see was my Family really Family

If Friends were really Homey's 

It was bait on the rod that I threw out

Fishing to see if My Girl Really Wanted Me.


I have a Birthmark of a Teardrop 

directly under my right eye

So often I'm Stereotyped for the bad guy.

When deep down insde I'm A Lover

In all Honesty when I'm in a relationship I commit to that one girl

Making her feel more beautiful than any other

And I Put my all into Making her feel Like she's the only girl in the world, and put nothing else above her


I'm That Word Without a Vowel

I'm incomplete

Yes I consider myself a Christian 

Because that's my Religious Belief 

But I often Remind My Peers and Enemies

To watch the way you're Tempting me 

Because God Is Far From Finished With Me.


I'm a Twenty Year old African American young man

With Ambition

Some say im comceded

But I think They're just afraid that I'm Too miuch competition


I've made Mistakes

That I can't Go Change 

I did my own thing 

Trying to chase the image of Fame

But Everything I've did 

I Swear it was Worth It

Because If It Wasn't For My Flaws I'd Be Perfect


It's So Much That i can tell you about me

Too Bad  It's Not Enough Time In Eternity for you to Listen.


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