How can I say I'm flawless


How can I say Im flawless 

When the world tries to make me feel less

How can I say I'm smart 

When Im not on top of the honor roll charts

The world tries to tear me down

Yet I walk with a smile and not a frown

This is because instead of focusing on whats wrong with me'

I keep my head up high like it's meant to be

While I can't say why hate from the media and some peers dont phase me

I know that I have something to offer so I let the nay sayers be

I'm a writter,  a reader , and amazing improviser

I can think fast on my feet leaving the haters none the wiser

I can attack when I need to with words that can hit

But I hold my toungue cause I know the haters will never quit

Like a celebrity , I can strut the school hallways with ease

But I don't make too big of an entrance , I just walk in humbly

What makes me the flawless girl I am

Is that I am not just one type of madame

I am witty and silly

I am smart and pretty

I am nerdy and cool

I was even voted most unique in my school

And while other people fit into one category

There is no way anyone can categorize me



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