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You know what I hate? Cliches. You know what I hate more than Cliches? The fact that they are ALL true. Since we were young the idea that “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” has been embedded into our tiny peanut heads. I was told when i would bring home paintings from school. “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?” Thanks, mom, for the compliment. I thought my mom was always out to get me. You see when I was a kid I had a white bed comforter with strawberries printed all over it. I remember the day my mom told me that they weren't actually strawberries, they were rose buds. I asked "why in the world would someone make a blanket covered in rosebuds, in something so ugly". I continued to tell myself that they were were delicious juicy ripe strawberries, cause the thought of an un-bloomed flower made me sad.What is a rose bud, a closed off quiet secret keeping little nub. something that won’t open itself up and share its secrets just baffled me. The fact that something with such beauty and potential wouldn't display itself for the world was something I simply couldn't understand.

Until I grew older then I learned that beauty and art don't have to be famous, or expensive, you can find magnificence in the oddest of places. We have developed a habit of shoving our dough into cookie cutters that posses unattainable shapes and no matter how long you cook them they will never be done. Because the girls who exalt the cosmos and the vogues cry tears of mascara, foundation, morals, and a lost personality because they are holding themselves to a standard that can never exist. To prevent MY tears from falling I developed a fear of blinking; after a while of keeping your eyes open you realize you're blessed with a world filled with such an abundance of splendor, closing your eyes for even a moment, could cost you something spectacular. Even the things some find ugly or sad can be so appealing to others. Maybe shattered glass, a blown down fence, a busted toy sail boat, a torn garment, a bumpy scar, a C- on a test, a misplaced stitch. From The Mona Lisa all the way to a decorated Christmas tree. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, or so the saying goes. Whatever. you name it, someone in this world finds it breath taking.
When you think about it, art is truly the most subjective thing in existence. Everything can be a piece of art, to someone. It all just depends on who is looking. So here’s to the person who designed my comforter, you taught me how to see the world in a way I never thought was imaginable. And now I know its not only ok, but it is beautiful to be an un-bloomed flower. This is dedicated to the other unbloomed flowers, dont you dare, even for even a blink of an eye compare yourself to a strawberry because someone finds you breath taking



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