The beauty of imperfection

What makes me flawless are my own flaws and mistakes

There is no better way to learn than to fail

My biggest quality is my persistency

Wich I wouldn´t have if I hadn't failed before

The way I see it, my flaws get me closer to perfection

Because they make me improve

At the end of the day

it's not about getting there

it's about the journey


We seem to forget

We are amazing

We seem to forget

We are flawless

Let me explain you...


The beauty of humanity

Is imperfection

Life wouldn't make sense

Without our mistakes


We are perfect

If we learn from our mistakes

We are perfect

'Cause we are human


Once I heard

That flaws

Are just our qualities

With the volume too high


So I won't apologize

For being crazy or loud

'Cause I'm expressive

And I like it


We are perfect

If we learn to moderate

We don't really have to change

'Cause we are flawless


So if you talk too much

Is because you are communicative

If you are childish

Is because you are happy

If your emotions are everywhere

Is because you are sensitive

If you are too quiet

Is because you are prudent


So say with me I like it

'Cause we are flawless


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