Couldn't Be More Perfect

Wed, 11/12/2014 - 22:08 -- kgrogan


Although I’m not perfect,

I don’t feel the need to change

Being myself is the coolest,

It shouldn’t be seen as lame

I’m smart and I’m funny,

These are the things that make me perfect

If you try to become my friend

I promise it will be worth it

I’m never mean and I always try my best

Yes I’m an awesome guy

But I’m no better than the rest

I think everyone is equal

And I’ll be anybody’s friend

You be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you

It’s simpler than counting to ten

I’m in love with my style,

I could be the next big designer

I try to look my best

And I couldn’t look any finer

I’m the best of the best

And I wouldn’t change a thing

I’m more hip than the coolest rapper

Wearing the coolest of bling

I am perfect in my own skin

And I don’t care what others think

I wash down the bad vibes

Like stale food in the kitchen sink.

I’m flawless and I know it.

You can bet your bottom

Dollar that I am not

Afraid to show it.



I truly believe that people should express their feelings and thoughts. If people start truly being themselves, they will more easily be able to discover who their real friends are and what truly makes them the happiest.

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