Perfectly Imperfect




The pain spreads like a slow-burning fire,

As I walk down the cobblestone street.

I got here! I got here! I made it after three.


Three surgeries, I really made it abroad;

Clawing to come to terms with my scars and flaws.


He said they were perfect, as he kissed each one.

Perfectly imperfect we agreed, bright like the sun.


I get home and they still hurt,

As I hobble around the house.


It worries my parents, it worries me too.

$3000 bill still waiting, body still waiting to rid the pain.


FLAWLESS, I hear the Queen pump through my jack.                                                           

I'm flawless, I swear, as I sway to the track.


Do I believe it? Do I dare ask?

Fake it till I make it, till I walk without the pain.


Will it go away?? He makes me feel flawless,

Even if I can't walk so far. I show him what I can.

I promise, i promise,

I'll see myself as he sees me.


I'll post up flawless,

Me, my pain, me.




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