My Heart and I



 “He will forever stay forlorn, and will never make it to the peak”

I walk in the vacancy with my heart in my hands,

Holding it tight so it wouldn’t fall,

Or become sick from the coldness that lives in the pitch black.

By the walls stood many being,

With big eyes and fat chest, with dilapidated personalities, and a missing tooth.

All flawless.

But I stood in the middle, between the two walls,

Walking with my heart in my hand,

And my chest kissing the air.

I stopped and I sat on the cold concrete,

Which stung my flesh, and its coldness raced to my heart madly.

I felt a brick against my shoulder, thrown with such force

That one might fancy it could have caused Rome to fall.

I felt a brick against my head, my arm, my spine,

But none had dare to touch my heart.

And my heart began to glow,

A garish light, that shown in full, that blinded the beings,

Which would have turned Medusa to stone.  

I stood up with my heart in my hands, full of life,

Guiding me through the darkness,

And I trusted in it.

For I believed in it, and it in me.

Both me and my flawless heart,

Walking with the sun now on our backbones, and the rivers following with us.

Perpetually persevering,

A man that drives his car into the desert in high hopes of reaching the edge.

I will never stop, even when the wind pushes me in its own direction

I and my heart are inseparable.

I will never stop even when my heart is tired, and human.

We are still inseparable.

I will never stop, I will never stop. 

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