Flawless Heart Made of Love & Steel


Flawless Heart Made of Love & Steel

Nikita Foster

Life happens.

Things happen.

Some hearts react as elastic, others act as resilient  as steel.

Fears ebb and flow.  Events come, go.

Then happened on a foggy day: 

“Weather’s looking bad here.” Seconds, minutes; icy fog billows in the wind.  

“How’s it looking now?” Silence. 

No reply. Only the sound of turbulence.   

Again, “Now?”   Nothing.  Gray, 3pm.

Sounds of drizzling  drops on the windows, as if an abandoned trail of tears. “I guess his plane is

faster than mine, must  be much farther ahead of me.”  9pm, They solemnly arrived in uniform.  

Life happens. Things happen. 

“Mam, your son and plane, uhh, missing along the Alaskan coast.”  Fainting.

News spreads quickly, distant relatives clasp.  I am feeling more  and more alone. 

Minutes, days, weeks, months; icy fog once again billowing among the beaches below. 

My dad’s lost forever down there”, my soul deeply saddened. 

But, “Hey come on now!”  Heads up, stride with pride. “On with life I must go!”  

Sports, games, new love,  graduation… Life still must happen!  

I am strong. Determined. I am resilient.


 “ I  behold a flawless heart made of love & steel.”

This poem is about: 
My family


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