Flawless None the Less

I run this, yes G-town.

No don't be scared cause you see this crown.

I'm bossed up with confiedence.

So intelligent, you look pass my radiance.

I'm so knowlegeable, it'll make you feel dumb

But you wouldn't really want none.

Although I wouldnt want too

I have a heart of gold

I can't hurt you

Unless you really want me too,

Don't push my buttons cause slay this ship.

I slay you and every passenger on it.

I said it once and I'll say it again.

I'm flawless, and I run this.

So if you want this muscle baby,

Just show you got a little hustle baby.

You got it, dont give up,

Cause if you do, that's messed up.

We're flawless, yes none the less.

And we can show them, we are the best.

I was born like this!





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