Certain Young Woman


Although you can clearly see my physical beauty; well most you…..some of you might.

But real gentlemen say my best features and sensational beauty is out of sight!

I’m a dark skin girl; with a loving soul and such knowledgeable power.

If you look closely….you can see the fumes from my body as if I’m fresh out the shower.

I’m a courageous young woman!

So with me every day I carry just a little pride.

I don’t need to meet your qualifications Sr. because I’m already highly qualified!

Just to get the time of day from me most you don’t get the pleasure.

Because you’re caught up in what another guy thinks of how your girl looks and dresses.

Which I call male peer pressure.

Why yo home-boy got to approve of who you talk to? Like for real? What’s up?

I thought you were a boss; you make your own rules but I guess asking you to stand alone and be your own man is asking too much.

You boys kill me that I only mess with “Bad Females”!

The same “Bad Females” can role you up some weed but can’t cook you a meal or even make any of your favorite sandwiches!

For all the good girls, I’m about to go ahead and speak up!

All you boys want is an average weave head killing herself softly with make-up!

I’m that same young woman who cares for you like no one else.

I’m also that same young woman who watches you chase long hair, light skin, a woman who just wants your money, “fit to society”.

While I sit back and say “I would’ve loved you for yourself and how the real you inspires me!”

That same young woman who’s willing to mold you into her man.

That loving woman who’s willing to understand even when I don’t understand.

That same young woman who picked you up when others kicked you down.

That same sweet woman who thinks you’re just as sexy as a male model striking a pose when all you did was turn around!

My point is to love you woman for yourself because her beauty will eventually change and her personality will be all you have left.

You want to put your girl in nice pearls and dresses made of silk.

That Coca-Cola body will eventually go away and she’ll turn into a gallon of milk.

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