Can Anyone Hear This?


My voice has been undermined for so long, it's time to remind myself that it exists


So what if they all change lunch tables and giggle from across the bay?- I have the green light

And each day I get up, despite the burden school shoves on my back

I am strong-- forged in fights of a dysfunctional nest but my wings have not been clipped.

Each day I am fortified when I come home to see that I must be a mother to my brother and teach him that falling is a part of flying; weakness is the shadow of strength


It’s hard to say this when I cover my own scars to appear indestructible

Yet, now is the time to lose shame:

My skin is not smooth and soft; I paint it everyday with a myriad of colors

But each day, I  use my paints to cover up the scars and I paint a smile

A smile that masks every hole I have- loss, betrayal, insecurity

Everyday I push past the chains that try to yank me back-- my wrists are sore and the scars may never fade but I conceal them under more paint


Like superglue, I appear together when I am really a discombobulated set of parts

But I cover my disjointed parts and feelings and  thoughts with more painted smiles- vivacious red

And I stay strong for others no matter what


Through everything

Even if my world crumbles, and what was once seen as the magnificent Palais Garnier is seen for: a facade, it remains through the wavering notes and supports all of those who come

I am not worthless and useless or a leech, parasitic words that spew from others should are innocuous: I have an unforgettably admirable trait: I stay strong and move on no matter what.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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