Good Enough

Many thought rushing through my mind,

Visions of how it’s “supposed to be”.

Am I good enough?

I’m sick of all these images I see.

Society, why do you like to torture my mind?

This idea of “perfection” is impossible to reach;

It isn’t real.

Am I good enough?

Society, quit messing with my mind!

I cannot take this insanity any longer!

Seeing the girl with the bikini body starving herself;

Seeing the cute guy smoking cause commercials make it look cool.

I see fakeness and stupidity all around me; Society,

It’s all your fault.

I worry every second of the day.

Am I perfect? No,

But is anyone for that matter?

Perfection is the crazy idea, but it is not real.

If everyone was perfect, this world would be boring.

Why do we worry about such silly little things?

Maybe because this generation is so judegmental?

Maybe because our peers are so cruel?

Or maybe because people talk about you if you are a little “different”?

You see, this society gets pleasure from the bad things it does.

Why are people so mean?

Where will that get them in life?

Oh, that’s right, no where!

Am I good enough?

I need to stop worrying.

I am driving myself crazy.

There are so many more important things.

I mean, why should I care what people think?

They’re opinions of me are irrelevant.

All that matters is what I think of me.

That’s right society,

You won’t break me, and

You won’t shake me.

Who need to listen to your negative comments?

I sure don’t;

No one does.

I am good enough! 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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