Lost and Found


I'm lost in a world that wants to bring me down

A world full of people willing to let you drown

In the hurt and despair when the truth sinks in

That you'll just never be quite good enough for Them.


It's hard to push on when all you hear

Are negative remarks falling upon not-so-deaf ears

I wish I could just slip away on occasion

Alone, by myself, an internal liaison

With just me and I to try and cope with it all

Lest I lose myself again in the Fall.


But unlike some, when I Fall, I Rise again

And I take up arms against Them, a pen.

Just a white pen and an old notebook

And me settled down in my own little nook

To tell Them all what I've learned from this-

By embracing my flaws, I become Flawless.


Each and every one of us is perfectly flawed

And we live in a world that will soon be awed

By all of us here, truly a sight to behold

We are stronger than diamonds, more valuable than gold,

And we will never again let Them convince us otherwise-

Who cares what They think? We're Flawless in our eyes.


Really, I should thank Them for all that they've done.

Because of Them, I found myself, so I'd say I've won

This ongoing war between Them and me and I.

I'll never lose myself again in someone else's lies.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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