Imperfection in a Perfect World



Everyone wants to be perfect right?

We talk about perfect things all the time.

If we lived in a perfect world,

[Insert name here] is perfect,

This is perfect,

The list goes on and on.


We are obsessed with perfection.


We admire that which we perceive as perfect,

And we detest that which we perceive as imperfect.

But the truth is, perfection is a lie.

Perfection is something that can never be attained.


No matter how hard you try,

No matter how much you cry,

Perfection is not coming.

And you cannot discover perfection.


Trust me when I say that I’ve tried.

Tried and failed over and over again.

Failure is what happens when you try to reach perfection.

This is the painful truth of being a perfectionist.

But those who try to polish those imperfections,

Try to make something perfect,

Are noble people.


The people who spend hours writing and rewriting the same paragraph.

The people who take photos from all possible angles but still don’t have the right one.

The people who make entirely new things instead of making endless sequels.

They are the people that drive innovation.


People like me who can’t move on until the lines are completely straight.

People like me who can’t stop improving what they’ve created.

People like me who can’t make something perfect, but will try anyways.

Perfectionists like me should be admired.

He who never stops improving himself is worthy of admiration, is he not?


It may seem fine to others but to us, our work can always be improved.

And every time a perfectionist’s work is accepted, they are unsatisfied.

Nothing is perfect. Eye perfection with the utmost suspicion because the day that anything is perfect is the day that humanity stops perfecting itself.

After you reach the peak of the mountain, all that’s left is to descend.

I do not believe in the peak of humanity, I believe in the climb.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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