Something to be heardMy voice

Mon, 01/19/2015 - 23:36 -- N.P.O.

Something to be heard

My voice is something to be heard.

It carries soul, passion, and courage.

It can be used for good, bad, and ugly.

I love the power held within my voice. With my voice I feel power to be free and open with the world around me.

Every day I act in a way to impress somebody else. My voice, however, impresses me on its own. There is no need for it to try hard or to be something it isn’t.

I am respected and acknowledged for the voice I have been given. It naturally produces harmonies and melodies whenever I am thinking them.

My mother and my friends have told me profusely about this ability that I have been given but it would be useless if I didn’t know what to do with it.

There are so many words a person can say that can bring them negative feedback. But with a voice like mine, it helps people comprehend the normal confusion.

I do not boast because I am proud of myself, I vaunt for I have the will to notice the potential held within myself, and I am thankful for this wonderful gift that has so generously been placed in my life.

There must be a reason to be given this talent, and I am on a path to figuring it out.

I can use this soul, passion, and courage for whatever I want to do.

My voice, is something to be heard.


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