What I want you to see


Her eyes

Grass and leaves and earth

Lily pads and ice and sea


Her hair

Light and sand and gold

Sun and glimmer and fire


Her smile 

Small and fragile and soft 

Tainted and ambiguous and hurt


Her beauty

Destined and longing and free

Fearsome and slow and wavering


Her love 



And this is what I wanted you to see

A girl with so much and so little

A slut and a prude 

A loser and a queen


Because what the TV didn't show us

Awoke in me

I realized my freedom 

In a world without screens


And what our mothers didn't warn us about 

I saw in the idea of you

A gentle soul with more than

A strong embrace to claim me


I wanted you for so long

I waited for you to see 

The broken girl in that picture 

And see her strength


Because the light told her 

It didn't want her

But she knew better

Than to let her headaches get her down


So now she is no longer waiting 

To find you

She fell in love with the search

But found a stone to throw


And her flesh didn't seem so wrong

Nor her mind daunting

Or her expression flawed

She found the light again


And she no longer needs you 

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