I am flawless.

I am so could say that I am lawless.

My feet sweep the streets and keep the people who act aweless.

From being in my presence.

My presence is so immaculate, cyclopean, and breathtaking that you can find it in a pleasance

Your eyes

Her eyes

His eyes

Even the babes’ eyes

Cannot witness the goddess at work.

I am just too flawless.

I saunter through the night careful not to shine too much


She doesn’t want to wake the haters that don’t cater to her but still think they are greater than her and still can’t comprehend that they are wasting their time because they are in her amphitheater and they’re nothing but..


The lowest of them all.

Kinda like.. Diphtheria

You know… the kind that gets in your upper respiratory tract..

Making it hard to breathe as you seethe with anger

Then it wreathes around your words…making it hard to speak

You sheathe yourself from the hate… the deadly bacteria.

Because I am too flawless to have my beautiful porcelain skin..

Caught on the thorns of others words and actions

So I keep my chin held high

Because I've been flawless for a pretty damn long time.




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