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Sat, 01/17/2015 - 21:58 -- Katsuro

Dear Guadalupe,


I know you might feel a little scared right now.


You also may have a lot of questions.


You keep asking yourself if this is normal.


You're scared,confused, and sad.


Nothing is wrong with you.


Your ok


and you're doing the right thing.


When you go into your mother sewing supplies and stare at the mirror please


Don't point out your fallibilities


Don't call yourself stupid


Don't hate yourself


Because don't you realize?


Your perfect.


When you hear your long hair hitting the ground you'll start to feel it.


Your dad will love it but your mom...


Prepare yourself


You're going to be stared at, a lot


People will point and whisper


Pay no mind to them, they don't matter.


School will be different


You'll come back running with tears streaming down your face


You'll try your best to hide the bruises decorating your arms


Using your mothers make-up


That day you’ll discover that make-up comes in different shades


And now it’s a lot more noticeable


You’ll try to lie to your mother


But it’s fruitless, she already knows.


They gave her a call


You end up crying again as she helps remove the make-up


And mends  the bruises


In between sobs you ask your mom if they could return all the clothes new clothes you got


That you want to change schools


You say you’ll let her dress you any way she wants



you’ll stop fighting it.



She’ll tug on your shoulders


She’ll softly cup your face


Her soft warm hands will guide you both to meet eye to eye


She’ll swept some of your short choppy hair out of your view


“I didn't give birth to a weak and  cowardly person,


I gave birth to a tough little fighter


And I’ll raise her to be a handsome, smart, and strong man”


her strong but soothing voice will lull you to close your eyes


She’ll comb your hair with her thin fingers and kiss your forehead


She’ll cut you hair the next day


“No son of mine will look like he lives on the streets”


People will keep staring


But you won’t care


People will keep whispering


But you won’t listen


You’ll happily swing on each of your parents hands as they lift you up


Proud of their little boy


Because they know just as much as you do


That your perfect and flawless



Xavier (that’s you)


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