Flawless one

Thu, 01/15/2015 - 21:39 -- I_Am

1-2 I sweep my shoes

3-4 I let someone else open my door

5-6 I take about 300 pics

7-8 I take those in 1 day

9-10 Cheeeeese! With 1 dimple and a grin

With teeth so white and dimple so deep I don't mind posing for my news feed

I think that I'm blessing in my eyes but 'tis nothing but a curse to my demise

My hips attract thugs and my chest attract wonderers that wonder...how big are they really

Really dude! Eyes up here! With a look they give me so silly

My height is adored but my words are ignored

But I'm pretty so they should listen right? I mean I can't take the way I look out of sight

Flawless I thought and knew I was

Flawless I was not, I was just a dud

Stuck in the mud with nowhere to go and now looked at everyday like a Broadway show


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