Accepting Me


Saint Johns
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United States
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Every since I was ten, every time I would speak someone always tried to look at me, always trying to get a peek. I couldn’t figure it out, I didn’t know why I was strange. Mama said it was nothing, yet they still want me to change. Every time I went out, the worse it became. Someone’s always nagging me, acting like my life is a game. Did think they think about their words, did they even give a damn? No, because they are the lions forever eating my lamb. The more I attempted to escape, the harder they tried to encage me. Always putting me down, never letting me be. The truth wasn’t so clear, yet it eventually shown. Their hatred wasn’t for who I was, but for how I had grown. I hadn’t listen to society, didn’t follow their drum. They acted like all of me was a flaw, that I was too dumb. Sometimes I would cry, other times I would yell. I never thought I’d fit in, thought my life was a Hell. Then Mama told me to come near, she told me to forget all the hate. She said that life is amazing, and that I am so great. Put a smile on your face, don’t let that baggage weigh you down. Please don’t run away in fear, do not obey those clowns...


That was five years ago, and I’m proud to say there’s no hate in my brain. I’m fine that I’m gay. I laugh a lot now, and know my own worth. Never doubt who you are or curse your own birth. The way we walk shouldn’t matter, so strut yourself around and if you ever fall down pick yourself up, make sure you rebound. Find friends who love you, and don’t ask you change. Make sure no one takes away what makes you you, because that can’t be exchanged.  Don’t judge by size, or listen to race. Just open your heart and welcome every embrace. Remember to love everyone and always God bless, because none of us are perfect. But we all are flawless.



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