Inside my head at any given moment


 Today when I look in the mirror,

I know that all I value is shown,

I will have no fear, nor flee as a deer,

I can not conceive how I must have grown, 

To allow myself to perservere, 

Fore I will not pretend to be a clone, 

Nor drive myself away to a place unclear, 

In order to not appear alone,

Why shouldn't I face the world without fear?

To allow my dreams to be thrown, 

Aside in a nevernending manner, such as last year

Where my true thoughts may never be known?

My life will serve as my vehicle, to be broadcasted to as many as a world premiere,

The truth of the world may be cruel, but my destiny is sewn

Into the heart that has given me power to acheive all I have in every move as a  willing volunteer,

That it is my time to become fully grown,

While  finding my feet to use them to run free to the next chapter of my life's great frontier. 









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