That Perfect Caption


That perfect caption - 

it's all I need to say. 

It tells the world what I'm doing, 

where I'm at,

when I'll be away. 

That corresponding picture 

(damn I look so fine!)

screams "Girls: watch out!

Boys: I’m hot – flock to come be mine!"

The perfect post

has a ton of likes

and lets my followers know

"Yeah, I'm popular - 

you can tell I do alright (;"

But to be honest,

it’s all a sham

and doesn’t really matter.

Will I care in twenty years

about the social media clatter?

People see the insta posts

and think what they want to think.

They always judge prematurely

and quickly move on to the next best link.

So I’m imma do what I wanna do

and spend some time outside,

cause looking at an iPhone screen

makes me feel sunshine deprived. 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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