Flawless poetry

Flaws do I have any?

I have many.

Honestly, I am mentioning none already.


What does it take to be flawless?

Trying not to look so aweless.

Do we have to break it in like what we do with our heels?

Do us women know how it feels?

Showing all the right appeals. Knowing the right ordeal, feeling confident without heels.


We set our standards high, like a tower

and wonder how many selfies with make up on will be liked within the hour.

Make no mistake to look so fancy already.

Dressing so schmancy

Maybe he wants a dancey?

No, my name is not Nancy.

This is not part of a game,

This is not fame and its not a shame to look so flawless as it is, when I look like a goddess in this dress.

I am being honest.

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