They say: I say


They say:

5 feet 5 inches tall                    You'll always be too small.
35 inch bust                               Want to be noticed? It's us you trust.
22 inch waist                             Anything bigger? You are a disgrace.
36D bra                                      Become what we say, or forever be a flaw.

This the perfect body
Match the hobbies             
and become a hottie.

Go out topless,
We know better,
After all you're the novice,
We'll make you a great go-getter,
Don't worry we'll make you flawless.

I say:

Let's be honest, 
Who calls rawness

They have their opinions
and I have mine. 

I am flawless because of what I say,
because I'm the only one who lives my day,
and I know things won't always go my way.

No one's perfect, but parts of me are amazing.
In fact, some call me entertaining.
While others are hating,
I'll pass by blazing,
living and embracing.

I am flawless,
although my character is not spotless,
but I live through that haught-less,
even this daimond needs to be polished.

5 feet tall                   It's "fun size", not small.
23 inch bust             As long as I can breathe, there is no fuss.
35 inch waist           More food to enjoy, and more of me to love.
34C bra                    And they still think I am a flaw.

I am flawless, regardless of size,
because the true prize,
is having fun while being alive.


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