The Flaw of Flawless


I woke up in this body

Without any glamour whatsoever

Loving myself forever

Without idolized beauty

Sounding a little bit loopy

I woke up in this pattern

Without a round tootie

Or flesh that would make guys turn

I woke up desiring to learn

Yearning for intelligence

Not from an educational system

But growth that can't be referenced

I've awoke with many facial expressions

Multiple feelings

Vital lessons

Human emotions

New notions

I'm alive



Enough to feel wealthy

A remarkable heart

Elated and miserable experiences ahead

I have hope

A bed

Reasons to experience more

In my life, I am the core

I woke up flawless

Being human is a mess

It's a pure






I love it

So I wake up flawless

and I woke up like this


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