• Growing up is scary atleast a little in all of our eyes But why is it only scary when its too late and expectations and responsibilities start to arise?


    At such a young age i started to to try and grow now looking back i would kill to go back retry and go.slow. like a theif in the night i long to kidnap my youth hold it hostage and never let go.


    High school is awkward and thats a fact. Im.pretty sure one day i might just crack. Judgement is my nightmare and school is its year long fair.


    Full of games and some of my personal fears dancing around everywhere.


    But oh dear dont get me wrong,pity me, or sing me a song. I have dreams i swear i do. Just hush and hold me close because ive been searching for a friend just like you.


    You offer me happiness and oh baby ill give it to you times.ten Dance with me and let our memories begin.


    Serenade my sins Ill drink my tea and you.drink yours. High school is where it begins afraid,open.your.doors.


    This is all begins. I pray this time will never end. Embrace the time,the love,the ache. We are living. Dont hate it,,or try to be old, Live it,Love it. Together let's be INFINITE




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